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Friday, February 14, 2014

David Ronsick Fine Art

Well folks, It's official.

Like, really official.

A while back I asked for ideas on what my art business should be called - cause I was nowhere near any good ideas.  : )

Desert Rat hit gold with 'Mighty Fine Art'. I had to admit, it had a ring. A *nice* ring. And I was all gung-ho to do it too - except some little sneak somewhere in the world snuck up a site with that very name, no doubt minute before I tried - the little.....

Well, I'll try to be nice. : ) I didn't feel to strongly convinced that his artistic endeavors were *mighty*, but it certainly was.....unique. I will give him that.

So, after much counseling with titles battering about in my head, I settled on a slightly more simple and non-original title.

~ David Ronsick Fine Art ~

It also has a nice ring - A nice professional sound, like I'm somebody important or something. : ) It took me a while, but I've learned to like it.

Sorry Desert Rat, I tried.

So! Months of website stuff later, it's legit.

So go ahead - click on that 'Fine Art' button up top. Do it several times if you like - break it in for me.

And yes, those pictures are for sale. I'm officially in the art business, and officially open for custom drawings. All the info needed should be there on the site, so browse away and enjoy!

Thank God for getting me here, and here's praying for what he will do next.