If you want to attract an honorable lady, be an honorable man.

About Me

         M'names David. That's who I am. I live on two acres west of Phoenix, Arizona, not far from Luke Air Force Base (in fact, that's where mom does most of her shopping)

I am saved, by Gods infinite grace, from sin and death, into life everlasting, my ransom signed, sealed and delivered by my mediator and savior, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God.

My main goal in life is to glorify God in whatever fashion he would have me. Whether it be riding horses, hunting in the hills, fishing in a quiet stream, talking through an interesting point at bible study, doing the mundane and seemingly drugerous animal chores around the house, or even just reading his Word.  However, not to be lost in the here-and-now of life, my goal for the future is to marry a godly lady, and raise a whole passel of kids, all dedicated to His work.

On to the specifics.

If you can't tell by just the look and title of the blog, I am a country boy - with all the connotations.

I love hunting, fishing, shooting bows and guns, hiking, survival, getting dirty, and doing all those awesome things guys get to do without people staring at them funny - and some do even then. I like working with animals, and killing them too. I shoot, butcher and eat every animal I can, and have a long list of the animals I would like to hunt someday. Outside of Jurassic park, my dream of bow-hunting a T-Rex will remain untouched at the top of the list. Gators, lions, elephants, and other highly dangerous and difficult animals to hunt, frequent the list, most of them slated to be shot with a bow. Probably will never happen, but boy oh boy would it be fun. Presently I will just settle for deer and elk, maybe a bear or mountain lion thrown in occasionally.  

An avid weapons fan, I am slowing growing my collection of dangerous high-speed-projectile-propulsion machines. Bows, crossbows, guns -  you name it, I love it.

I am one of those guys that is a firm believer in being prepared, and will almost never leave the house, or even bed, without a gun, spare magazine, knives, paracord, flashlight, matches, fishingline and hooks... you get the idea. I am slowly working on building a bug-out bag in an old rucksack of my dad's, and have multiple survival kits of various sizes and locations, scattered around my belongings. I am probably the only person I know to give my sisters survival kits for Christmas.  (Hey, cut me some slack. They liked it.)
The only thing that slows down the progress of my collection is the number of digits on price tags.
All donations accepted. :)

I am also a bit artsy. I like drawing, and have sold a few pieces, won a few awards at state fairs, and even made a picture to the finals in a national art competition. It's a past-time that requires loads of patience, but has loads of rewards. I like putting loads of detail into drawings, because of the amazing detail I see in creation.

I would like someday to have my own small, self sufficient, farm, with enough animals to make life interesting and enough land to be able to have my own rifle and bow range. No more range fees.

One of the biggest aspects of my personality, which anybody who as spent any time around me can tell, is my sense of humor. Yeah, I love a good laugh, and that can sometimes get me into trouble. I love to laugh, and to make people laugh - a lot.

Another thing I greatly enjoy (although some around me don't) is debating and arguing for the faith. Apologetics and all that they entail fascinate me. Anything from straight scripture, creation-evolution, metaphysics, logic, or the mere nature of man, I love hauling evidence from every cranny of creation that back ups the truth in the Bible.  

Nothing big, nothing elaborate, nothing "adventurous" as the world would put it. I just want to be a simple, God-fearing working man, to hunt when I can, and live for God. I still dream of adventure, danger, and risk, but I will be happy to settle for what God has for me.

        "Gods Country Boy"