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Bucket List

Things I am determined to do before I die. I am pretty sure some of these will happen, some of these might, and some fall into the classification of dreams. But hey, if I died before I got to do them, I died trying.

No order.

Get married

Get a self-sufficient property going

Have my own business - in art or leather or the like

Take my son hunting

Go bowfishing for Asian carp

Go flyfishing in Alaska

Go bowhunt something in Alaska

Bowhunt a crocodile or a gator

Use that 4 pounds of Tannerite on my shelf and blow up a refrigerator or something of the like

Have a much better knowledge and understanding of scripture

Bowhunt a T-Rex - I'll probably die trying on that one.

Make my own survival knife

Build a catapult that actually throws things

Take my wife to Frontsight

Go deep sea fishing

Hunt some dangerous animal that wants to eat me as much as I want to eat it

Debate some intellectual big-wig about Christianity, ethics, philosophy, and apologetics

Learn to surf

Go fishing in someplace tropical and extravagant - say, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or Hawaii

Go to a Piano Guys concert

Do insane and ridiculously fun things with my wife and kids - like....... jumping off cliffs into a lake. Oh yeah.

Take my family on lots of fun road trips around beautiful spots of the country (as funds allow)

I'll add more as I think of them. : )


  1. Oh David.... BTW fishing in Hawaii isn't spectacular - been there, done that. Alaska sounds like much more fun :)

    1. Really? Bummer. I like topical, exotic type places, and always want to go fishing there. Catch some crazy colored fish or something. Maybe the Caribbean....
      Alaska certainly sounds more adventurous. Catch salmon and fight off grizzlys.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed "meeting" you. I want to invite you to build your catapult and come join us in NM for the Punkin' Chunkin' Contest in October (3rd weekend every year). Lots of great catapults shooting pumpkins in the field.

    I also enjoyed your artwork!! Absolutely stunning. My daughter writes children's books so I have illustrated them for her, so I always admire a great hand in that area.

    As for the knife and gun situation....I have to tell you a funny story. We handle registration at our state homeschool convention in NM, so we rarely get to actually enjoy the convention. We decided this year to go to the convention in Arizona for a change. Unfortunately, we did not think about the "safety" issue at a larger city, and our 17 year old was detained by security because he was sporting too many knives on his belt!! We settled things by putting them in my purse, but we had to laugh because our son believes in being prepared - at all times, for any situation.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Hey there Prairie Momma! Glad you like my cyber corner.
      As for the catapults - that would be awesomely fun, except for the fact that the 3rd week of October is hunting season around here - I have my first Elk season the third week of October.
      But I will certainly remember that for the future, so if I am ever over in NM during that time, I'll swing over and give it a crack (chuck?).
      That's funny about the knives and such - I always have knives on me, and almost always a gun.
      That is so funny though that you went to the AZ convention - it's very possible you might have actually seen me or walked by me - I kinda tend to stand out in a crowd.... :)
      Thanks, and I hope you stick around and are blessed!

  3. Totally with you on the Piano Guys concert. O.O


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