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Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Know You're A Country Boy When....

......When that black-headed pimple you've been trying to dig out of your face for a month turns out to be a  thorn.

Yeah, really.  No wonder it wouldn't come.....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time To Man Up

Ladies and Gentlemen -

(this post may sound solemn - but hey, this is a big moment in my life - just go with it. : ) )

It is my pleasure to humbly introduce my very humble (I hope!) attempt to change the world.

Up at the top of my blog, in the pages list, you should see a new tab - Man Up Adventures.

Go ahead and click on it - I didn't hire my techy friend to install a virus on your computer if you do, so you should be safe.

Man Up Adventures will be my business teaching young men survival and wilderness living, and trying to accomplish two goals :

One, to get men and their sons up off of the couch and into the great wild of God's creation,

 - and -

Two, to push them beyond their comfort zone out in the wild with activities unfamiliar with most modern men. Starting fires from primitive materials, building shelters, cleaning and purifying water for drinking, and other basic survival skill that everybody, no matter their age or gender, should know just a little bit of.

I want to encourage men and their sons to get out into the great wild of God's creation, and not only to get out there, but most importantly, to have dominion over it. It's hard to have dominion over the wild if you can't venture into it without bringing the refrigerator and a mattress.

I intend to lead men into the wild and teach them these skill first hand, hoping, in my own small way, to affect some change on the world, starting with the most important key to the entire chain - the men.

Hence the title. Man Up Adventures is about just that - Maning Up. Most guys couldn't handle a full day of hiking into the unknown, setting up their own camp, starting their own fires, building their own shelter, and then hiking back out the next day, in a wild filled with bugs, snakes, water, rocks, and the most feared denizen of all the wilderness - the sleeping bag on the cold hard ground.  

As of yet, I am not ready myself to teach men to do this, so while I am learning and training myself, I have started a website with preliminary knowledge about survival, and I will keep updating it as I can, so that while I can't be out in the field with you myself, I can at least give you the mental arsenal to get out there are do it.

Please excuse any discrepancies or anything that is out of place - I am still constructing the site. But for what it's worth - thar she be.

So, there it is. Grand announcement over. Check out the site, and of course let me know what you think! I hope the information there will help you all, and shoot me an email if you have any suggestions!

Thanks a heap -