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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin the World

For all of you gear-junkies out there, I am not referring to how to hurt the planet with a flashlight. For the rest of you who didn't get the joke, just move on, it isn't worth explaining.

: )

Anyway, we spend a lot of time talking about how to do this and that of the Christian faith, but we don't spend a lot of time talking about what to *not* do. I want to tell you 5 things that I think that will wreck the world as we know it if we do them. Some will be pretty wildly accepted across the board - others I am sure will raise some Cain.

Ready for the apocalypse?

Live your life for yourself.

If you want to see the world you know and love crumble around your ears, shut out everything you know you should, push them far back into the recesses of your blackened mind, and do as you please - no rules, you call the shots. Whether it be the secular drink, party, and rock'n roll, or the more saintly version of do your own existential godless do-gooder exercises - Living for yourself will destroy the world. First off you are not obeying God, and He certainly will not bless you for that, second of all, human nature is wired to think only of himself, and will do anything he wants to get it. Living for your own pleasure will lead you to some of the most horrendous roads imaginable - you will simply not believe all the horrendous things that have been done through the world in the name of 'pleasure'. I know at the moment it seems so simple - so easy - what could possibly be wrong with it?

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Matthew 16:24 

But every great camel that ever careened through a tent started by merely sticking his nose in.

That wasn't to controversial right?

Ignore what God is calling you to do

You know that one thing - that one thing that bugs you really bad in the world or society, or that one thing or topic that gets you so enthusiastic, so driven to go out and accomplish, save the world, or merely fix a small situation. You know what it is for you - it may be music, it may be art, it may be abortion, but whatever it is, whenever it gets brought up, somebody dropped a match on a gas-can under your seat and you go up in flames for your cause.

God gives you those passions - for that's what they are - for a reason. That's his way of telling you what His goal in life for you is, and what he wants you to do.

If you want to see the world crumble, sit back and let the important piece you are in the puzzle sit on the sidelines and let the world do its thing - surely it won't miss you as it slowly dies and rots away from lack of people not doing anything for God and his Kingdom.  

 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you this day: Deuteronomy 11:27

Don't have lots of kids.

Big no-no for any die-hard earth-wrecker. Any serious economics chap - like the Muslims - will tell you that if you want to take over, maybe not quickly, but definitely, you have loads of kids. Oodles of them as a matter of fact. America right now is at a staggeringly low birthrate of 1.8, if I believe, but due to illegal immigration, I believe it pops us just over the necessary 2.2 per couple. Muslims are somewhere around the 5-7 per couple I believe. They are right now taking over Europe by mere birthrate - they haven't gone in with nukes and rpg's - yet, but are slowly replacing the ever-dying European population who refuses to have children themselves. So if you want your family, your religion, and your way of life, to slowly die off and watch a foreign religion and foreign culture take over bit by bit, then kids are a complete no-no. Not an option.

 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. Psalms 127:3-5

Don't eat healthy

Starting to get a little figity? I said there would be some things you might not agree with, but really, this one really can destroy this planet, and wreck the lives of all our descendants for years to come, and unless they themselves change and eat healthy, they will wreck their own progeny.
The effect of modern processed food on our bodies is staggering. From GMO corn, to MSG in basically everything, to round-up ready crops, to genetically modified food, to 'sugar' on food labels that is really GMO sugar beets instead of cane sugar, to the constant supply of sugar in everything under the sun, unless you research it, you will simply not believe how the modern american diet that more than likely you are eating, is destroying your body in more ways than you can ever know.
So if you really don't care about the future generations coming down the pipe - go ahead - crack open another coke, and here, have some more chips and cookies. I think your grand-kids just winced.

 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19

Get involved in politics

Yup, I know, you think I really stepped in it on this one, but let me explain.
Politics nowadays is two things - electing new leaders, law makers, law deciders and the such, and passing new laws to make people do things. I know, a brutally simplified version of politics, but I think about anything that goes on in politics can be narrowed down into one of those two categories. And even then, most of the first category can be narrowed down to those who enforce laws.
So what's wrong with that?
Getting involved in politics has a couple of main problems - one, is that by trying to put more and more laws, and enforce more and more laws on the people, you are telling all those unsaved people out there exactly what you believe - that more laws, and more mere obedience to law, will save the world. We are supposed to be telling that Christ and his grace will save the world, and what do we do? Vote to make a law to keep the liberals off our backs - we vote to have less taxes - we vote, we vote, we vote, we make more and more laws to try to get the world to where it should be be forcing everyone to obey what we think should happen, and institute punishments if they don't.
Take just a second and look at almost any average law out there - it is some form of making somebody do something, to try to reach a desired goal.
What goal?
Peace, and a Godly society.
Folks, we will never ever make a Godly society by making everybody obey Godly laws - we will only have a Godly society if the hearts of men repent and turn to God, and then only.
Still don't believe me?
Let's see if I can prove it.

What do we (Christians, not the world) do when we want abortion to go away?
We try to outlaw it.
What do we do when stupid kids drive dangerously?
We make a law on how old they have to be when they drive.
What do we do when Liberals come for our Guns?
We try to make a law that says they can't.
What happens when the government comes from our kids?
We try to make a law that says they can't.
What happens when the government tries to hush up Christianity?
We try to find some law that says they can't.
What happens when evil kids shoot up a school full of kids?
We yammer for a law to make guns harder to get to.
What happens when the government tries to set itself up as law?
We try to find a law that says they can't.

Do you see what's happening? We are trying to change the culture by forcing them to do what we think they should, when the only way, ever, ever, ever, ever - let me say that again - to EVER. EVER. EVER. change a society, is to change their hearts - not their actions.   

Politics will destroy the world, because it is trying to make the world change its actions, and no amount politics and laws can ever change someones heart.

The other reason why all of these other laws and presidents and congressmen and such will destroy the world is because that is not how God set up the government.

The government is set up to bring God's justice to his people (Romans 13) and THAT'S IT. God has said his law is sufficient, and we are not to add and take away from it.

 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you. Deuteronomy 4:2

God has just said his law is sufficient - period. If you wake to make more laws you have to make the claim that the laws God set out are not sufficient.

And before it even gets brought up, I am not talking about ceremonial laws - those were done away with Christ and the new covenant. I am talking about the ten commandments, and the case law implications spelled out afterwards. Granted, it is not perfectly clear in all areas exactly how to call situations, but if we don't stop at what God has said is law, then there is no limit as to where to stop making laws. God's word is enough.

 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. 2 Timothy 3:16

So yes, if you want to destroy the world, get into politics and try to save the world from the outside in - right now the rest of the world is doing a smashing job of that, and I am sure they would love your help.

So there they are - five surefire ways to destroy the planet. Anybody out there who is up for the daunting task of laying low our Lord's creation, behold - thy Manual.

Only by following God and his word in our hearts, can we, or anybody ever at any time in History, ever save the planet.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Walden Two: Review

I have read a decent amount of good books in my lifetime. I have read a few bad books in my lifetime. I have read few really good books in my lifetime. 

This book, is a mind-blowing combination of all three.

This book also gave me the hardest mental workout of any book I have ever read. Seriously. 

I have never done a book review before, but this one was worth it, due to the magnitude of its ideas and the effect it will have on people if they try to implement it. 

Before I really get going however, let me make one thing clear. 


So....why am I doing a review on it? 
Well, let's get down to business. 

Walden Two is written by renowned atheist, behavioral scientist, inventor, social philosopher, and author, B.F. Skinner. 

When I picked up this book for school, I had no idea what I was in for. 

Skinner was a bright guy - brighter than I expected or had experienced to this point, and it took some real mental fist-fights to work through and see through his masterpiece of social design. 

It is written in novel format, but it is mostly a dialog between various characters describing and arguing over the nature of a earthly Utopia that has been set up in modern day America in the country outside of a major city.

A skeptic professor, a college philosophy teacher, two soldiers just come home from the war in the Philippines, and their respective girls, head to a fabled place in the rural country side that a former colleague of the skeptic professor has set up  - a.k.a. Walden Two. Walden Two is fabled as Utopia, and the travelers have mixed feelings among themselves. The soldiers, seeing the war, are wanting to make peace and happiness, and this fabled heaven sounds exactly like what they were wanting to set up. The philosophy professor is excitedly interested, and the skeptic professor, from whose perspective the book is written, is skeptic and not sure what he is in for. 

What they find is a wonder that is hard to describe without actually having you read the book. 

This is the basic gist of it.

One thousand people live in a farming type community that is like no other. The average person works no more than four hours a day to earn "work credits" with which they pay for their food and keep. Male and female have equal standing in the community. Young people get married and are having kids by the age of 16. Through brilliant genius, they have a very efficient, economic system of food, clothes, and sustainability so that no person is ever rushed, over worked, or stressed, and each person can rest and do as he pleases in this community of people. The whole system is run by a few people at the top, who, for the good of the community, decide everything. Literally. What happens in the society, who gets what jobs when, what programs and activities happen, how the care and the scientific research of the children of the place (who are raised by the experts, not the parents,) is to be ran, etc. Literally, Communism.

The child care is the hinge pin of the whole book in my eyes, because through experimental training and trial and error processes, they have learned how to train the kids to almost perfection of mind and spirit at a very young age.

This society stays intact due to the knowledge that they are far superior to the outside world. They know they have a better economic system, a better education (where the daily life on the farm and the massive library at everybody's disposal is the only method of education for the majority of the people), and a much better way of life.  In other words, they are kept there by almost sheer snob appeal. They know this way of life is the best, and that they are the happiest here, sharing all things in common (there is no private property in this community), needing nothing else than what they are given and what they can make and do for themselves.

That is another aspect of Walden two that took serious dueling. The author describes happiness as a state of knowing that you have everything you need and nothing you don't. A case of pure rational mentality based solely on reason and good circumstances. It isn't a state of mind, it's a type of knowledge. All the people say they are happy, and when asked why, say that they are well fed and have good surroundings and things are otherwise perfect. They have been told they are happiest this way so often, that they believe it without much mental resistance.

The guests to Walden Two are beyond skeptical, and it produces massive amounts of heated and controversial dialog throughout most of the book.

 (Side note: Walden Two happens to the be the second Walden - this certain type of society. They have up to Walden Seven in other places in the world in this story.)

In the end, half of the people stay at Walden Two for the rest of their lives, the others reject it due to not being able to be shaken from their irrational (or as it is shown to be) infatuation with the outside world and its way of life, not accepting the "obviously" better choice of this earthly Utopia.

The designer and originator of this paradise has arranged this whole place as a laboratory to study and make a science out of human behavior, and to learn how to control it, and ultimately make people do as the elite wishes, or make people who will do as the elite wishes. This is the dangerous and humanistic field of "Behavioral Modification" that Skinner was up to his neck in, and this book, in his own words, is not a bad start to head towards change for good.

The designer of this society believes he is pretty close to God, and has done better than God did, if He exists, on making a peaceful society. After all, look at the turbulent world, and look at his society. The more peaceful and happy world is obviously the better designed one, due to the better designer.

This book was a massive mental struggle for me. Not because I liked it and it was battling against my Biblical worldview of society, but because Skinner was a downright genius in laying out his society and building up all his arguments for it. Skinner makes it sound so perfect through the book, it was a massive mental fight to figure out why on earth it wouldn't work. I have my own ideas on peace and prosperity, and these didn't look a thing like it. All of Skinner's dialogs do a fascinatingly good job of dismantling the skeptics arguments, and showing them how "infinitely superior" his society is compared to the outside world.

Skinner however, has one chink in his armor, and the button located behind it dismantles the entire seemingly perfect suit of armor. He is dead wrong on his assessment on the nature of man.

Dead wrong.

Although he never outright says it, (he gets pretty close and says it in every other way possible) he is a firm believer on the natural goodness of man, and over and over slanders the Christian religion and Jesus in particular, calling Him a man who thought he was God, who just so happened to stumble on some good ideas.

That is why his system won't work. Man isn't good AT ALL.

His theory, that the elite at the top will never do bad for the people, and only good, because they are looking out for the good of the community, will never work. Man naturally is sinful and will try to take as much power as he can however he can.

His theory, that all young kids need is to be shown how bad emotions are not good for them, and show them the reasonableness of virtue, and then that makes them basically perfect angels, will never work, because small children have the same problem as the adults with even less self-control.  A massive sin nature.

That was one major giveaway ( I thought) through this book that Skinner was never married and had kids of his own. He had NO IDEA about what children are like and their nature and such. I'm not even married and even I could tell he had no idea what he was talking about. Which in actuality is kinda odd, since I did some research and found that he was married and had two daughters of his own. He must not have used them as case studies for his research.

His entire book and theory was based off the goodness of man, but he hid it so cleverly that it took major digging to find that. Skinner was no idiot, and he knew how to make his theories and a complete socialist system of government look good and make the people under it look happy.

His armor turns out to be paper, and his terrifying fortress of humanism turns out to be no more than a castle in the clouds  - a pipe dream of his own imagination, trying to make a world where no God or His attributes were necessary.    

The sad thing folks, is that it is this type of book that has led the modern study of behavior and child rearing, and it is these ideas that are held by most big-wigs of the philosophical world. To them, all man needs is the right surroundings, the right training, and the right situations, and he, through a ruling elite over them, can set up heaven on earth.

That is why I reviewed this book. This is where our culture is at, and this is what it believes.

This is also the very thing we need to be aware of and teach and train against in our families in our sphere of influence in the world.

Situations and training will never save man. Only Jesus and his grace will. Period.

I heartily recommend this book as an awesome and engaging read read to anybody who is up for a real mental war to defend their position of Biblical society, but they had better be ready to put up a bigger mental fight than they have ever before. Skinner is good. Real good.

Fortunately for us, God and his wisdom is better.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Favorite Movies

Ok, so I got tagged by Jamie over at http://throughtwoblueeyes.wordpress.com to do a post on my favorite movies. I haven't sen that many movies, so this might be a bit shorter list than some, but I certainly do have some favorites. These won't be in any particular order, but some are more preferred than others.

The Lord of The Rings

This is one of my all time favorites in the movie world. An epic tale of danger, courage, loyalty, devotion, duty, sacrifice, honor, and the list goes on. Not a perfect series, but a masterpiece nonetheless. Stunning visuals, sweeping scores, and breathtaking action scenes, all combined in three epic movies, with few rivals.  

The Hobbit

The long awaited prequel to the LOTR series had some epic boots to fill to live up to its predecessors, and so far they are doing an epic job of it. Jackson took some liberalites with the story in some ways that might have been nice left how they were, but as it is, with one movie out, and two more coming down the pipe (or should I say mountain?) this is looking like it is going to be as epic a trilogy as the first one. I love the humor of the dwarves, the character progression of Bilbo, and Howard Shore is back again, sweeping me off my feet again with another batch of stunning music.  

The Avengers

I have to admit, this movie grows on me. I liked it more than I expected, and I like it the more I watch it. The story of how a group of men (and one woman.. grrr...) who are vastly different, all with their own unique personalities, all have to come together, put aside their differences and bickering, and work together to save the world. When it comes to filming and storytelling masterpieces, this movie is high on the charts. A captivating story that never once touches the mediocre, it brings in many unique twists and turns that make sure the story never feels forced or guided, but is one awesome piece of storytelling from beginning to end. The more I watch it, the more I realize how good a job they did. They have nearly a 20 minute fight scene, that never once gets old or long in the tooth, due to its genius layout and plot. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I love this movie and am very looking forward to it's sequel next year. If there was one bad thing about it, I would have to say that the score is a little shallow, and I wish they had a thicker and richer score. It wasn't bad as it was, but I think with such an amazing movie, it could have been made that much better if had a simply amazing score.  


This movie caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it to have such an amazing message, and was pleasantly surprised all the way around. The story of how one stuck up jerk became humble and made the ultimate sacrifice - twice, is amazing. Once for those he loved, and once for those who hated him. I was severely impressed with this movie, not for action of blow-em-ups ( those are actually kinda few in this movie) but because of the powerful message it portrays. Thor instantly because one of my favorites after the first watch. Two thumbs up.  


I had never intended on seeing this movie, but after it getting popped in at a friends house, I was hooked. Bolt, the dog who thinks he is a super-hero who gets dumped into real life, is one amazing story. The message in this movie, though subtle, is rare. It poses the dilemma of ditching the lies you thought were true, and embracing who you really are  -  in this case, a dog, and not a super dog. Yet, at the same time, just because you are normal, doesn't mean you can't be a hero. Loved this movie, Rhino, the score, the humor, this movie makes me walk away with the feeling of down home gratitude for having a simple, mundane life, yet inspires me to be heroic in my own small ways. Love it, love it, love it.

I heard it once said by a Luther Buff, that the only thing wrong with this movie, is the man who played Luther is skinny. 
This movie will shake your world, and inspire you to shake your world for Christ, to challenge the status quot if it doesn't align with scripture, and not be afraid of what man can do to you. In all honesty, it actually seems like the theology in this movie is sound, and hasn't been tweaked, surprisingly. Love the message and the courage this movie portrays. I forget about how much I like this movie, until I watch it again.   

The Patriot

Although this movie is a hair gory is places, the message of sacrificing everything to make a nation free from tyranny is amazing. I really enjoyed this movie, and the struggle for freedom between the down-home Americans and the snotty-nosed British.  

Master and Commander

Hunting a French vessel in the wide open sea is no cup of tea, and this movie demonstrates amazing leadership skills and character progressions. Wonderfully uplifting score with an epic battle finale, this movie is a keeper.  

We Were Soldiers

If any war-movie buff hasn't seen this epic story, they are missing it big time. A story of one company against outstanding odds, wins through the perseverance and leadership of their commander. This movie is no shoot-em-up, but is packed with emotion and is heart-rending as men with lives, wives and children go down for those they loved, and for duty. This movie changed forever my perspective on Vietnam.  

The Incredibles

This movie never fails to make me smile. The story of how one super-family trying to fit in to regular life, and work together in a final climax to save the country from a fame hungry villain who killed off all the real supers so he could try to be one. Smash-bang action with lots of humor, and it certainly is a favorite.


Not the best movie as far as cinematography or acting goes, but it definitely sets the bar for the standard of fathers who want to lead their families in the ways of the Lord. Great message, awesome humor, this movie is the best Christian film I think I have seen.

Second Hand Lions

The worldview on this movie is a little screwy, but it is one big heap of down-home humor, as one city boy goes to live with his rich redneck uncles quick on the shotgun trigger, shooting at salesmen and shooting up catfish, this movie is one big laugh from beginning to end. I am a fan of Robert Duvall and Michael Caine after this movie, and seeing the two of them side by side in this movie is a sheer joy. Grins all the way through. 

And of course...

Star Wars

Though the worldview in these movies are off the beaten path in some areas, these movies were very enjoyable to watch. Blaster battles and saber duels and ships rocketing from one end of the galaxy to the other fill these movies, with wonderful acts of sacrifice, bravery, and subtle humor. The Character progression of Hans Solo was very enjoyable, his rash yet brave character growing less arrogant and more manly as the last three series progress. Obi Wan was an instant favorite in the first three, and what would Star Wars be without 3PO and R2? Certainly a favorite, with a monumental score and excellent action effects. Reservedly looking forward to the next three, with hopes that they don't wreck them.  

Well, that's about it. If you can't tell, I like movies with character progression, sacrifice and bravery, with hair-breadth escapes and witty humor with catchy one-liners. 

Hope you all enjoyed this! Thanks Jamie for the tag, and I hope this was what you were looking for!  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I just turned 20.


As I get older, and progress towards getting established and getting married, I am starting to wish I had got an earlier start on things. Looking at a meager amount of funds and comparing to the prices of a big-bad money crazed world, it gets a little depressing trying to envision raising a family.

Of course, I am trying to get things ready. I work on projects of my own to bring in money, I work here and there on other jobs to bring in funds, but it doesn't add it very fast, or at least not as fast as I would like.

I am beginning to wish I had gotten a gander on things a few years ago, had the *vision* to start saving more money, do more to get a business going, get started in a trade etc. I sorta played my life away and now I am trying to serious about things and am wishing I had gotten serious sooner.

Oh sure, I didn't do stupid, wasteful things, and didn't completely fool away my 20 years, it's just that I wasn't focused. I wasn't focused on marriage, work, jobs, income, etc. I wasn't focused on being spiritually mature enough to shepherd a family.

I was focused on fishing, hunting, politics, movies, games, knives, guns, boots, traveling from one focus to another, my focus reaching about as far out into the future as the tip of my nose (and I don't really have a long nose.....) never getting my attention off the small, menial here and now distractions. My goal wasn't to someday be the leader of a house, and provider of a house, and start planning and working at it accordingly. I thought it would all happen someday, and someday was very far away, and there was no need now to be distracted from the more interesting things in life for all that ..... grown up stuff.


Best lessons learned in life are learned the hard way.

Anyway, lately I have started to try to shake off that mental cage of adolescence. I am trying to focus here and now on what I need to focus on to be ready for marriage and family. Granted, I am pretty crummy at it, but by God's grace I will get there.

But I do have on tiny smidge of consolation, the problem is that smidge is also very disconcerting.

I am not alone.

I look around, and I see very few of my friends and acquaintances actually striving to be ready as well. It's a tad comforting - at least I am not alone out here, but knowing how devastating a position it is, it is also disconcerting.

We are not focusing on what we need to do and learn and know and have for family life. we put our time and energy into ...... trivial matters. They may be good, edifying things, sure, but is that what we are supposed to be doing?

Guys, is your focus (and no, I don't care how old you are) on be spiritually sound before the Lord, how to start making a solid income for a family, how to provide, protect, and stand in the gates for Christ? Can you run a household with all its intricacies and not bring the house down around your ears? I know I sure can't, and I have a ways to go.

Ladies, are you learning all the things you will need to know for your family? How to cook, clean, sew, wash, care for young children, run a budget, be productive with your hands, and otherwise all the stuff listed in proverbs 31? Are you?

And I don't mean that sort of mental back-burner thought of  'oh yeah, I am working on that - slowly ......'

I mean is it your focus. Is it the thing you think about, and are actively striving for? When you sit down from chores, and even as you do your chores, what is your mind whirring on? I think you will find that is your real focus - what you are unconsciously striving for. If your mind is non-stop spinning of things other than what they are supposed to be on, on how to be ready and how to start being ready today, you're probably wasting your time.

Now granted, I am not saying that there is a place for other things, for smaller, less important goals and tasks, but it can't be our long term focus, and it has to be only for a short season for a specific purpose. Sure, we can have fun together, we can go do fun stuff, but it can't be our goal, striving for it non-stop.

It's so easy to put it off till tomorrow, and go catch up on the black hole of fakebook. (no, that was not  typo...) It's so easy to focus on and be striving for the next good book, the next hunting season, the last good movie, the next time we all get together and hang out, and on and on, never on what we really are supposed to be focused on as young men and women.

But hey - we teach best what we need to learn most. : )

What I am trying to do here is encourage you guys out there to start encouraging each other to do what we are supposed to. When we get together, do we 'hang out', and talk about the latest random goofy?

Do we talk about the last funny movie, the last good book, the newest piece of gossip?

Or do we 'exhort one another daily, while it is called today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin'?

Seriously, when we get together, far to often all we do is yak and yak about  - useless stuff, honestly. Again, there may be an appropriate place for that, but far to often it is the only thing that is happening. We need to be getting out our sharpening stones and grinding each other up a bit - get down to those gritty matters about our spiritual life we really wish nobody knew.  It's time to let out walls down and let each other into the dark corners of our heart.

I am trying to encourage you to encourage others. We're supposed to do it, and honestly, it works wonders.

I am horrible at this, both encouragement and focus, probably - no, more than probably - because I don't have much focus myself. I am a very distracted person, and I struggle daily on doing what I should be doing, and not be caught up in some small, not so important, bunny trail that merely wastes time and goes nowhere.
But were all in this together right? I want to exhort you all here, to try to do my bit to spur my friends, my followers, and any other random person reading this, to stop being distracted with everything-else-but, and start focusing on what God has called you to do, and what he has you doing right now.

Doesn't matter what it is really, and way deep down you know what it is you should be doing that you are not. I am finding all humans are pretty much the same when it comes to their core heart matters, and I am guessing you all are not to different from me. : )

So, its time to stop wasting time. It's time to man up, woman up, be Christlike, and do what we are supposed to be doing.

And please, encourage me on this as well - I desperately need accountability, and it's time we all start stepping up to help one another. I'll try to help you all out there as well.

So lets do it guys - lets focus, lets die to selves, and lets take this world over for Christ.