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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Contest

There seems to be a lot of these competitions lately, but being an artist I can't help but participate! Sadie over a Sadie's photography blog is hosting another one. 
Here are my entries. Her subject is animals, and what better subject for pictures is there than my great fluffy dog Dixie? Here are my entries of my giant doll.
I can't just pick one, so I guess I'll enter them all! 

Everybody at once now...

A touch blurry, but that mischievous twinkle is in her eye as clear as ever 

The Dixie - in all her glory

This one I liked a lot

This one turned out different than I had intended when I was taking it, but it turned out so neat that I kept it

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Die First

I was doing my Bible reading today, and a section of verses stood out to me. To me, it wasn't a moment of repentance, it wasn't a shock of grace, and it wasn't even a breath of love. It was a call to man up. Roll up your sleeves and do what's right -  no matter how it hurts.

The section was in Judges 19, and this is the put-it-in-easy-readin-version. You have to get into the story to get to the point, so bear with me for a second. I go suthrn in moment like these here ones.

There once was a feller - the text doesn't say his name - who went out and got himself a prostitute for a wife. (Ok, I know, not bright. I didn't say he was the hero....)
So, he marries the prostitute, and then she runs away on him and goes to her dad's place.
He decides to talk it out with her, nice and peaceful like, and bring her back. So, he moseys on over, and after talkin it over with her, he and his wife are gonna head on home again. Well, after the dad keeps them there for days longer than he wanted, partying and having a good time, he says they are headed home, and hits the road.
On the way home, they stop the evening in a small town, since it is getting dark.
Well, they camp out in the streets, until an old feller - again with no name - walks up and asks what they are doing. They explain the setup, and the old feller insists they come to his place for the evening. They agree that that sounds mighty nice, and mosey to his place for the evening.
In the middle of dinner, all the town thugs come to the door and pull the Sodom and Gomorrah line. I hope I don't need to tell you what that is.
The old feller says "listen here, I got this here daughter, and this chap got his prostitute. We'll let you chaps have my daughter and his prostitute as long as you leave this poor stranger alone."
The thugs said No-Way-Hosea, (their version of No way Jos-e -  these aren't Mexicans after all), So the fella chucks his wife out to them to make them happy.          
They beat and abuse the girl all night long, and she dies on the doorstep the next morning.

Wow. That was a WAY down-south version of that story, but I do that occasionally. Anyway.

So this is what hit me. This fella with no name, upon the threat of getting messed up in more ways than one, looks at his wife which he just got back, shrugs, and tosses her out to the thugs for their enjoyment and his safety.

Everything manly in me was itching to draw a bead on that jerk and haul that poor gal back in. Or better yet, chuck him out there to eat his own medicine.

It wasn't the right response of course, and I regained my composure to think clearly.

Men, as men, we have a duty to protect women and children (Isaiah 1:17) and I think one of the biggest signs of a degrading culture is when the men hide behind the girls in hopes they will catch the lead instead of them.

We just recently passed the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. When it was going down, we heard the famous line.
"Women and children first."
They were the first to go to safety, and the men, after securing them safely on the lifeboats, died manfully in the cold Atlantic waters.

Nowadays, Muslims set bombs in their women and children to kill men they are to afraid to face, and kill women and children just for the heck of it. They believe taking out the infidel will get them to heaven.

Guys, I have said it before, but it needs to be said again.

It is our duty and our privilege to defend these creatures of God, and chucking them to the thugs or blowing them up is about as far from that as it gets. We need to defend them with our lives. In the Bible, it was the men that went out to war, defending the women and children back at home.

John 15:13  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

If you have to die that a woman or child might live - do it. It is our manly call - one which far too many don't live up to, or even try.

However, dying for them doesn't happen in a vacuum. One can't shove in front of women in the lunch line on Monday, go through the door first on Wednesday, take the last piece of cake from under a ladies nose on Friday, and then be willing to jump in front of a bullet to save them on Sunday.

We have to deny our own wants, needs, and desires, for them in the small things on a constant and daily basis, if we want to even dream of saving their life at the risk of our own.

We gotta start small.

Opening doors is easy, takes no time, and shows respect to who God has made them. You would be surprised how few guys actually do it. Honestly, it stinks.

Tipping your hat is another great sign of respect and honor NOBODY does. I love it and use it a lot.

How about when it starts to hurt though? Give them that (ouch....) last piece of fried chicken. *wince* Let them go through the lunch line first. Help that little lady even thought you are running late to work.

And yes, I have blown it here. Putting ladies safety first doesn't come easy when your first instinct is to jump ship. I remember one time in particular I jumped a fence to get away from a hive of rather cranky bees - with a lady in a skirt who couldn't hop the fence on the other side. Oooh, that one hurt. She merely went around through a gate and was perfectly safe, but ohh boy did I blow it.

It takes work, and hard work at that to make it a habit to get women and children safe, happy and healthy before you are - but it's worth it.

We have to be willing to do what it takes to protect these beautiful creations of God, even if it means you die so they live. Jesus died for his bride - a girl, if you will.

How can we guys do any less?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Contest

Another one. Yup. Over at http://irishragamuffinslilsister.blogspot.com/.
This time, I just *might* have a shot at winning. The subject is mountains. My other pictures have never been *great*. Now, I might have an ace in the hole.

Beautiful Colorado. Stunning Colorado. Took this on our way home from a trip there last June. See that winding road on the left of the picture? That is the road coming down off the mountain  -  we drove down it not a half-hour later. We stopped way up the side of the mountain for a photo and bathroom break. Hike down a little path through the pines off the side of the rest area, and this was the view.
Here's hopin!

For the Love of Pete......

Again. Yes folks, I got tagged....again. Seriously. Sadie over at http://irishragamuffinslilsister.blogspot.com/   did me the favor.
Here we go.
The rules.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself. (Though this can be optional.)
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you ask to answer.
5. Go to their blog and let them know you've tagged them.

11 More random things about me.

1. I fixed my watch-band that was falling apart with duck tape.
2. I have a survival kit I tote around in an old military ammo can that probably weighs over 5 pounds - probably even more.
3. I bent my tooth at a funny angle by tripping when hiking and hitting it with my walking stick when I was about 12. My tooth is still crooked.
4. I just got my drivers license this past Friday (WAHOOO!)
5. I got stung (twice) by a scorpion for the first time, early last Wednesday morning, in my sleep. (SO not fun. I was in bed for a whole day due to that little sucker. If I ever find that guy.....)
6. When I get tired, I get goofy. When I get tired and goofy, playing darts gets mighty......interesting. Some might say dangerous.
7. Even though I am a total country boy, I really love the ocean. Like, really love it.
8. Last time I was at the beach, I saw whales spouting, about 1/4 mile away in the bay. A gentleman near me said it was probably a Grey Whale.
9. I hate losing things. Fortunately I don't do it very often (whew!)
10. I have a pencil bag that was made for me out an old pair of shorts of mine.
11. I really, really get annoyed in emails when people who don't know how to spell, put different words that sound the same in the sentence, because they don't know any better. "I lifted waits today." "I just got over chicken pocks." Stuff like that. 'Bout makes me do some stunts that make Spiderman look like a infant-in-arms.

Here are the questions I got asked.

  1.Your favorite kind of soda?
Pepsi. All the way. Although I am learning to like Dr. Pepper.
  2. Ice Cream or Cake?
Ice cream - all day every day and twice on Sundays.
  3. Do like to write a letter or just email?
I prefer email - My handwriting can be pretty bad!
  4. Would you rather use a push lawn mower or riding lawn mower?
Riding lawn mower. On the long straight-aways, I can have time to just sit and think, but when it comes to the trees I put the mower on high speed and whiz around the trees. Fun stuff.
  5. Are you a country or city person?
  6. Favorite movie ever?
Wow - tough. Leaning towards The Incredibles, but there is a lot of close runner-ups.
  7. What's your favorite music artist?
Probably The Piano guys. They get a little to much beat occasionally, but they are overall, absolutely awesome.
  8. A really awkward moment in you life?
The time I tried to back a friends dump trailer at the dump and the dump parking manager got really cranky and had me go the back way.
  9. Would you rather fly or drive when going on trips?
Drive - as long as it doesn't involve crossing the ocean!
  10. Have you ever been out of the US?
Nope, don't want to. Land of the free, because its the home of the armed.
  11. The way you met me.
You were the little sister of the quite kid I met and played army with when I stayed at your family's house.  On that trip, you and my little brother threw a GIANT stuffed gorilla at me over the banister and I valiantly ran the beast through in mid-air with my trusty wooden sword.  

That's all for now folks! I am to tired to tag anybody else right now!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

By Popular Demand....

Yes folks, the suggestions are in, and wow, these are something! I never had any idea that all of you were just dying to ask me such questions! : D
In fact, I thought they were so good, I am going to give you all a bit of a treat. I will not only answer one, but three of your questions.

So, the first person who gets an answer....(drum-role please...)


She posed the question

"What is the purpose of art?"

Ooo, good one. This could be a serious poser. I mean, after all, if  "whatsoever is not of faith is sin" how is drawing and painting applying "faith"?
If life is for a purpose, and everything we do in life is for a purpose, what point does spending a bunch of time smearing rocks on slabs of dead trees really have? Just a waste of time?

Well, I had to struggle with this and other related topics just recently myself. Could I really devote my time to something that had no "point"?

This is the conclusion that I came to. God wants us to enjoy Him, and enjoy what he has given us here on this earth - in His own bounds and time of course. God also has commanded us to magnify His name through creation.

Art, I believe, can be used to magnify and glorify God's name, by displaying His handywork in a smaller format. By re-creating God's wonderful design, nature, and universe in our art, is praising His creativity and majesty.

After all, when somebody or something is really spectacular, and someone wishes to capture and show the world whatever piece of wonder it is, they take a picture of it (or draw or paint, etc.) and post it in a place for people to see and marvel at.

I draw because God's world around me is beautiful, and the details are beautiful. God's world has detail, and lots of it, so I put as much detail as possible into any given picture I draw.

So, by very definition, abstract art, is therefore out of the picture. Abstraction and abstract random things, really are not to be found in Gods universe. We see detail, order, and design, not randomness, chaos, and disorderly objects.

So, I draw to capture God's wonderful creation, and draw as detailed as I can, to show how detailed the things are in real life.

I tend to lean on the western genre, because I personally think that the west is the most beautiful and awesome place on planet earth, and the men and culture that discovered and tamed it, are some of the toughest and most manly men this world has ever seen.
Not to say that all 19th century cowboys were perfect. Gee Louie, no. In fact, lots of them killed each-other, got drunk on every occasion possible, and did countless other vulgar and profane things that can't be mentioned. Every era of history has its heroes and its villains, and those my friend, were not the heroes. The heroes were the ones who came out to start a new life for their family, and toughed the rough, hard life for the sake of their loved ones at home.

Ooops, I digress. I almost began my oration on cowboys, not art!    

All right, on to our next question.

Bushmaid asked the next series of questions.

Is miraculous healing not only something we should expect, but receive today?

Oh ho, another good poser. This topic is similar to the whole "is there such a thing as modern miracles" that I have heard before. Here is my take on it.
    "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28
So, all things work for good, and we know all things are planned and governed by God.
So, if anything happens in our life, we know that God has ordained, or let this happen, and it is for our good and His glory.

That being said, we CAN expect miraculous healing from present sufferings, injuries and pain, IF it is His will.

That is very important. If it is God's will, you can expect the mountains to leap in the air for your healing. If not, all the medicines and natural remedies in the world combined couldn't save you. God's will is His business, not ours, and it is not for us to question it. Simply know, that God is in control, He can heal you or kill you at His will, but whatever happens, its for your own good, and mostly of all, for His glory.

That's my take on that, or what I understand of it.

Her next question ( which is right up my alley! )
She asked for details on firearms, permits, game and licenses here in my neck of the woods.
Arizona is a great state for guns and gun owners. At 18 you can open carry in public, at 21 you can concealed carry in public, neither require any permit or permission from the feds, and you can open carry under 18 if your parent or legal guardian is with you. Needless to say, I open carry every day. : ) Second amendment fan, all the way.

You can own any and as many firearms as you please, but you have to have multiple permits and fed approvals to own anything fully automatic, or to have silencers. If you buy a gun through a private sale, you don't even have to have it registered. If a gun is built in Arizona, you don't have to have it registered either.
To go shooting you merely find a spot out of city limits that has no "no shooting" signs posted, and rattle away as much as you like.

As far as game goes, we have a wide selection to choose from. Elk, deer, buffalo, bear, cougar, and antelope are a few of the large game animals you can hunt with a license, but you have to be drawn from a random drawing to hunt them once a year.
As far as small game, you have rabbits, dove, quail, coyotes, and other such fun critters that you can hunt and shoot various amounts of, with a mere hunting license, or inexpensive tag in the right season.
Needless to say, I like it here in AZ. : )

For the rest of you chaps out there reading this, I am sure that was simply fascinating. : D

Her last question concerned conspiracy theories. As far as they go, I have a friend who would swear on the Bible that his grandfather makes most of them up. : D
So, I think that there might be a thing or two to some of them, but there is a lot of hype out there, and you can't trust everything you hear. I have heard a few that seem pretty legit, and I have heard others that sound like somebody is really catching at straws and jumping to conclusions. I don't know enough to have a lengthy opinion on them, honestly. : )

Next question, I know can be a serious hot-button, so I am going to deal with it carefully, but I am still gonna tell you exactly what I think.

Lisa asked about my opinion about girls in skirts verses girls in pants.

*blows out air*

This is a very touchy topic with some, with lots of nerve strings attached. Some say that Biblically, girls should only wear skirts and dresses, and "pants are for men". Some say it don't matter anyway, and wear pants 365. Others don't even know the topic exists and wear jeans so tight guys can't with a good conscience look in their direction.

For the longest time I held the position that pants were for boys, skirts and dresses were for girls. Period.
Recently, within the past year or so, I have changed my opinion, and only just recently have I solidified it.
The Bible says that men are to wear "things that pertain to men", and the same for the ladies. The problem is that "what pertains to..." is actually kinda cultural. I mean, back then they wore togas. I am not advocating that now.

Granted, if "cultural" means really immodest, you don't and can't go there.

As men, we are to dress like men. As men, it is the "cultural" thing to wear pants or shorts. (Unless of course you of over to Scotland where it is acceptable for men to wear skirts.....)
 I hate shorts, so I wear jeans. Loose, tough, boot cut, working jeans.

For girls, culturally you have the option of wearing pants or skirts and dresses. Girls have a secondary option that boys don't have.

So, I don't think the case could be made that girls wearing jeans is unbiblical.

The only case that really can be made is that all clothes we wear needs to be modest, and that applies to girls and boys, skirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, v-necks and on down the list. Clothes need to be modest - period.

Now, I also think that skirts are vastly more modest than most jeans out there.
If girls have the option of wearing either, and one is more modest than the other, it is my opinion that a girl can make a huge impact in a skirt, much more than in a pair of jeans. A girl walking into Walmart wearing jeans is nothing new. A girl walking into Walmart wearing a modest skirt makes people turn their heads - in a good way. The very look denotes more respect and femininity in a lady than a pair of jeans ever does.

A point needs to be made right here, that there is a difference between jeans, and tight jeans. One is Biblically allowed, the other I believe isn't.

Now girls, I am going to get a bit personal here, but it needs to be said, to understand a boy's position.

Ladies, when you wear tight or close fitting jeans, it highlights the areas you are actually trying to cover.

I am going to drop the subject there, but just so you know, boys have a harder time with girls in jeans than most girls ever dream about.

That part isn't just my opinion. Other guys struggle with the same things, whether they'll admit to it and talk about it or not.

Let's put it this way ladies. I know most of you girls reading this would never even dream of wearing a bikini.
Why? Because its immodest.
Why is it immodest? Because it is displaying your figure and drawing attention to yourself in a wrong way. So that being said, why do tight jeans that show way too much of your figure and highlight hidden areas all of a sudden become acceptable?

It just doesn't fit logically.

If the jeans, pants, slacks, etc. are not tight at all however, guys have a much easier time. The problem is that basically every pair of woman's jeans out there is tight in the hips and waist - exactly where you don't want anything tight.

Loose pants or jeans, almost nearing culottes, are great things in my opinion (when you actually find them). They are miles more modest than tight jeans, are functional, and don't give boys as much of a problem as tight pants do.  

Now, of course the question is going to come up, "What about when wearing a skirt is immodest? (i.e. working around the barn, climbing ladders, etc.)

Well, I know plenty of people who wear leggings under their skirt, to keep modest in any circumstances. It works and is modest at the same time. Boys' hearts are guarded, girls look more feminine and modest at the same time, and as long as you don't wear a skirt that makes it so you step or trip on it constantly, it works great.

Now, that being said, if you must wear jeans, they don't have to be tight. Make them modest, make them loose. If you don't have loose jeans, wear a skirt over them. Make it work, make it modest. Period.

I prefer skirts and loose (LOOSE) pants on girls. Loose and modest jeans are the only jeans I think area acceptable.
Tight jeans are totally out of the question.
So, that's my opinion, and no more than that. Take it with a grain of salt and a gallon of scripture.

So that officially is my opinion!
Glad you all participated! Maybe we'll do another one of those sometime eh? Wadya think?

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, I got tagged.....again. Anna over at http://notofthiswold.blogspot.com/ tagged me, so of course, I have to oblige.

The rules:
1. Post the rules
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions your tagger asked you
4. Create 11 new questions for those you tagged to answer
5. Go to their blog and let them know you have tagged them

Here are her questions.

1. Would you rather go shopping or hunting?
Hunting - totally.
2. Who wrote "The Charge of the Light Brigade?"

Well whoever he was, he probably wasn't one killed in the charge. 
3. Are you post, pre or a mil? Why?

From what I understand of scripture, I guess a post mil. Not something I will die for, but that is my opinion.
4. What do you like doing the most WITH  YOUR FAMILY....?

Probably playing cards around the table with dinner, or going to the range. 
5. What is your dream car?

Well, if I was a slicker I would take a Ferrari GTB 308. Since I am a country boy however (and a Ferrari isn't exactly a country car) I would take a Toyota Tacoma, mid 1990s, with a small lift and long bed. Or, a REALLY old BIG Ford, dual cab long bed. That is the only situation I would ever get a Ford. Period.  
6. What is your favorite store?

Cabelas, or Bass Pro. 
7. What is your favorite animal?

To eat? Chicken or Beef.
8. How many moons does Saturn have?

A lot more than earth and just as many as necessary. 
9. How many stories is the Empire State Building ?

Way to many - talk about top heavy! 
10. What was the most embarrassing occurrence in your life.

Maybe when the little wrinkly old nurse with a southern accent helping my grandma called me cute. I beat a hasty retreat.   
11. What are you most thankful for today?

The fact that today exists. 

11 random things about me. (I am starting to run out of these just so you know.) 

1. I keep my nails really short. Like, really short. 
2. I have just about as many scars as I do fingers - probably more. 
3. When I was younger (like, 4?), I wondered what it felt like to staple your finger. I found out.  
4. I am the only person I have ever heard of to sew their finger with a sewing machine and break the needle in three pieces at the same time. 
5. I went and cut apart 4 steers today. (fun stuff!) 
6. Some of my knuckles have funny lumps in odd places due to strenuous sword battles.  
7. My nick-name when I was about 8 was "cricket" - I was dubbed that charming name by the teenage boys in our PE group. Long story.  
8. One of the scars is on my head from me attempting a back-flip off of a pool deck. I missed. (Ok, I was 5, cut me a little slack, alright?) 
9. I am the only person I know of who owns a shotgun with a 32 inch barrel. Full choke as well. Reach out and poke that bunny. 
10. I learned the hard way to never put your hand into a bag with a leather skiver. Razor blades plus fingers equal ouch. 
11. I have a tiny bump on the end of my tongue that is driving me nuts. 

That's all folks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ok fellers, I was "tagged" by Jordanna, so now I'm in this whole thing. 
Here's who I tagged.

Corry P.

Here's the rules of the game.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself. 
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you ask to answer.
5. Go to their blog and let them know you've tagged them

I was tagged by a great friend, Jordanna, over at http://quiltedcowgirl.blogspot.com/

So,  Here is the questions she posed. 

How many houses have you lived in?
I think I am number 5 
Would you rather fly or drive?
Drive - totally. I love taking pictures and seeing the scenery. 
Science or Math?
Math. Science is math plus loads more complications. 
If you could choose one book, other than your Bible, to take with you anywhere, what would it be?
Probably my inch thick survival book. Good stuff. :)
What do you think about keeping rats as pets?
Well, I have never heard of anyone keeping target practice as a pets....
What is your favorite meal?
Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, a small salad with ranch on the side, and a MASSIVE cup of sweet tea beside. Heaven on a plate. 
Do you have a favorite era of history?  If so, what is it?
1880s - 1920s. Age of the old west. When real cowboys lived and breathed and rode their mounts across the open plain. Oh, to have been born a different time era. *sigh*
Tea with the ladies or Shooting with the men?
Do I need to answer that? 
SHOOTING OF COURSE - drinking sweet tea. :) 
Do you have a favorite section of Scripture?
Proverbs. Totally. Plain, simple wisdom, right where it hurts, no nonsense truth. No beatin' around the bush. Call it how it is. Whew, I have had quite a few bruises from the blows that book has dealt.
Would you rather fix something or buy a new one?
Depends on what it is. More than likely, get it fixed - with duct tape. :)
What is the next skill you plan on learning?
I am learning to birth horses, but I repairing my truck appears to be next on the list as well.  

All right, here is 11 random things about me. 

1. HATE mushy bananas. Bleagh. Turns my stomach.   
2. I have one ear slightly higher than the other, so my glasses are permanently tweaked. :) 
3. I have chronically sweaty hands, so I gunk, gum and filthify about anything I have my hands on regularly. Imagine my computer......
4. Any time I see a rabbit I wish I could shoot it. Rabbits are really glad that you are not allowed to shoot a handgun within city limits.  
5. Any time you drive my somebody on the road sticking their feet out the window of a car, I want to pull up close and tickle them. Haven't tried that yet. 
6. I am a sucker for a good joke. 
7. I fixed a tent last time I went camping with rubber bands. Seriously. 
8. I found out it is possible to sleep with a semi-auto in a holster in a sleeping bag. Its uncomfortable, but possible. 
9. I am perfectly happy between the temperatures of 45 - 65 degrees. Above that it is WAY too hot. 
10. After I shave a dog and I am as hairy as the dog I just shaved, I join the dog for a roll in the grass. Seriously, it works to get the hair off. 
11.I am 18 and still only have my driving permit. I intend to fix that VERY soon. 

Ok, my questions for those I have tagged. 

Favorite movie of all time.

Do you prefer touchscreen phones or regular flip phones? 

Small party with five close friends or large party with thirty not-so-close friends.

Daisy's or roses? 

What was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? 

Do you prefer to shoot your game and eat it or buy it packaged from the store? 

Coffee or hot chocolate? 

Federalist or Anti-federalist? (yes, do some research before you answer this one.)  

Do you intend to go see the Hobbit in 3D when it comes out? 

Do you prefer: Guys, facial hair or clean shaven? Girls, shoulder length hair or longer? 

Are you a Early Bird or a Night Owl?

Have fun! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What do YOU want?

That's right folks. For once, instead of me writing a post about what I want to tell you, its time for you to tell me what you want me to write about!
For one week you guys can comment and tell me about a topic you would like me to cover, then at the end of the week, I will choose one and write up a post on it! Howzat for fun?
The topics could be interesting, relevant to culture, off-the-top-of-your-head strange topics, or anything in-between! Just comment with your ideas!  Of course, keep it clean - hate to say it but there are some WEIRDOS out there who would comment about some odd stuff, but of course I assume none of you guys fall into that category.  : )

Monday, April 2, 2012

Incredibles: Review

Ok, serious throwback for all you Pixar fans. In fact, this was one of their first animated movies from what I understand.

I have always wanted to see it, but hey, you don't go watch every movie that hits the screen just because it looks good.

This one however, simply was over the top. Wow. I loved it, and I'm pretty picky on movies. 

Down to business.

Hero's live in the public life with two names. Their Super name, and their covert name. They revert to their covert name and clothes for daily life, then don Super name and outfit to save the world from jeopardy.

Due to growing public disapproval, The supers are forced to go into hiding under their normal names - and live a normal life. 

Easier said than done.     

Mr. Incredible, aka Bob Parr, has a hard time adapting. Married to Elastagirl, father of three more supers, Bob lives and breathes Super - but can't live his old life and dream. He is stuck working for normal day jobs, getting relocated to another every time he gets a little carried away and uses more than the normal dose of strength on a job.

His family is far from normal as well. Violet can make herself invisible and make force fields, Dash can run about faster than a speeding bullet, and as for the infant Jack-Jack, they don't know what he does yet.
Dash gets in trouble in school using his speed for pranks on the teacher, and Violet is depressed since she can't find a boyfriend. Helen, aka, Elastagirl, is the everyday mom, caring for the kids, cheering up her husband and sorting through constant kid squabbles.  

Bob makes a break into the super world once every Wednesday night, when he and another former super, Frozone, pretend to go bowling, as their wives think, but really go about town and save people from danger. 

Until things take a turn. 

Bob gets a message from a mysterious person, the day he gets fired for throwing his annoying boss through five sets of walls at once, asking him to come do some undercover super work for her. A Droid is loose on an Island, and needs to be stopped before it destroys a high-tech compound located there. 

Mr. Incredible jumps at the opportunity - especially since it promises high pay. Now that he has no job, that is even better. 

He (of course) takes down the droid, and now is one happy camper.

He interacts with his family more, family is happy, life is good. He is now the perfect dad. He plays with the kids, feeds the baby, is hopelessly in love with his wife, and all is sunny and balmy.

Instead of going to work everyday now, he goes off and works out at the train yards moving trains and losing the few spare tires he gained around the middle in the 15 years since he was a full time super. 

Until he gets another call.

He goes back to the Island for his next task, and discovers he's been set up. The droid was really a plot to kill him, and now, a bigger, badder droid gets the better of him. He finds out that a annoying little kid from his super days, who happened to be a techy genius, is taking over the world with his inventions.  He was always so bummed he wasn't really a super, he is on a mission to kill them all, and then be the only super, all his gadgets making him what he wants to be - Syndrome the Super - anything but normal. 

After pulling a few shenanigans, Mr. Incredible escapes and is caught again and locked in a containment unit.

Back at home, Helen goes to the person who made Bobs super-suit ages ago, when she found a patch job in Bobs old super suit. This person in the only person who can fix such a suit, and is the only person Bob would trust to do it anyway. At this place, Edna Mode, aka E, has a whole top secret high-tech suit development lab underground.

After Bob had come to ask for her to fix the suit, she was disgusted at his old suit and made him a stark new one - the one he is wearing now in the containment unit. She of course got carried away and made the whole family suits. She tells Helen what Bob is up to, gives Helen the suits, and Helen goes after him, still not sure what is going on. E has a tracking unit built into all the suits, and shows Helen where Bob is.

After finding out that the kids stowed away on the plane she was on, and having it shot down by Syndrome, Helen, Dash and Violet are stuck on the Island, and have to find Bob. 

After finding him, and getting captured themselves, Syndrome lets them in on his biggest plot yet. He is going to send a droid in a rocket to downtown MetroTown (home town for the Parr's) and after it wreaks havoc, Syndrome will save the day and be the Hero he always wanted to be. When he is old and can no longer be super, he will sell weapons and electronics to the world, so "Everyone can be super, which means that nobody will be super."

After escaping (of course, they're supers after all ) they hook a ride on another rocket to Metro Town, and of course, save the day.


There was a few things that caught me about this movie.

First, the whole point of the movie, is the family. Family.
Not put-the-kids-in-as-many-programs-as-possible-so-parents-can-get-them-out-of-their-hair. Family.

Dad being the provider and mom as the stay-at-home helper.

They don't portray the family perfectly, but it is a far cry better than in most movies.

The Dad:

Bob is the A typical disconnected dad. He is in his own world, stuck in his hobbies, bringing home the bacon, but that's about it. He would much rather be out saving people.

Things change however. When him and the whole family are stuck in the containment unit, he realizes what he has done. He says that he has been a horrible father, obsessed with his own hobbies and trying to have adventure, that he missed the biggest adventure he ever had - his family. "You guys are my adventure".

Wow. That folks, blew me out of the water. Besides Courageous, I have never seen a Dad portrayed as actually saying his family was his "greatest adventure". This is like Malachi 4:6.

"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children." 

Granted, it isn't turning his heart to them so he can train them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, but wow, this is about the closest I have to it in the secular world.  

The Mom:

This is the biggest part of the movie that stuck out to me. (isn't it fascinating how much influence a woman can make on a movie?)  Helen at the beginning of he movie claims in an interview that she doesn't want to settle down and "let the men save the world".

After she marries and settles down, apparently things change.

She is now a stay-at-home mom, who loves it. She isn't a wife who is cranky at home, tired of the kids and wants to do her thing. Her life is the family and she loves her life. The big thing however, is how she encourages her husband. No movie, not even Courageous has it like here. She is constantly encouraging her husband to help customers and save the world one policy at a time, how much it means to her that he keeps going on his tough job, despite how much he doesn't like it, and stuff like that. Honestly, that part is what blew me away the most about the movie.

I saw that part, and the first thing that ran through my mind was, "I want a wife that will do that to me".
A wife that will encourage her husband to keep at it no matter how hard things get, and tell him how much it means to her that he does.

That's what a guy who works for a living loves to hear. If that won't motivate a husband and father, not much will.

Granted, she doesn't always handle her husband right. When Bob is being a bit of a jerk she tends to get on his case in not quite a Biblical way. Still, it is handled far better than it could have been.

The kids are about modern average. Always fighting, quarreling, and getting into scrapes with one another, but still fight for and save each-other when the crooks are after them.

One more aspect of the movie that caught me is the theme of the movie. The theme is "use whatever gifts you have for the good of others."

Not bad at all on the first glance. As I thought about it however, I noticed an even deeper point to the story.
Syndrome wants to make everybody equal, nobody super, so, I presume, nobody can ever feel left out like he did when he was young.

Everybody, exactly the same.

Sound familiar?

Yes folks, this movie actually seems to teach against socialism. It makes the case that people will be different than others, some good and some bad, and people are to use their good differences to help other people.
Granted, its just moralisms preached, but that angle took me off guard. I appreciated that subtle angle a lot.

Worldview, the fact that the family is a key part, the mother encouraging the father, and the humor. CLEAN humor, no crude humor. Love that part.
Dad turns his heart towards his family. Husband and wife are in love with each-other. (Love that part!)

The mom is a great encourager and is madly in love with her husband, but yells at him at the slightest provocation. If I want a wife who encourages me, I certainly don't want a wife that yells at me.

There seems to be this theme that superheros have to wear skin tight clothes. Grrr. I guess superwomen with skirts never really caught on. The guys clothes are to tight as well. (I think jeans look rather heroic myself)

Although the dad fesses up and changes in the end, he lies a lot through the movie. It isn't dealt with as strongly as I would like it to be, so I rate it in the cons.

Helen wants to help her husband, and her role in life is to help him on his mission. (Great!)
Only problem in that her way of 'helping' her husband is being out there beating up crooks right beside him. You see more of her beating up crooks than saying she's there to help him, so again, in the cons.  

Overall rating: 4 stars. The one star out is because of the above cons. I sure wish they weren't there, because the movie could have been so totally Incredible without them.