If you want to attract an honorable lady, be an honorable man.


Here are some shots of me living life in my neck of the woods - enjoy!
My official graduation picture

Surfing - Arizona style, with my horse I trained

Pluggin holes in a target at a Front Sight handgun course

Fishing at Blue Ridge Reservoir - simply stunning scenery

Nice and soggy at a church water day

When you can't boogie board at the coast - we boogie board in the backyard

Snipin' clay pigeons

My first deer - Nov 1, 2012. 1 shot, 20 yards. 

Heaven on earth.... :)

"Taking Dominion"

I think this is my biggest bass yet. I forgot to weigh or measure him before I threw him back in, but boy was he huge!

A neat shot some friends got of me after I roped their cow. I changed the color and graphics a bit, but it still looks cool.

Redneck luxury: Sighting in a pellet gun on the front porch and drinking sweet tea. Does it get better than that?