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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Springfield XDM: Owner Status

Yessiry folks, I officially own my very own self-defense pistol, and boy is it NICE. We went down to Tucson yesterday and bought it from Sportsman's Warehouse. The title says it all. Its a .40 Springfield XDM. I went out and shot it today, and I absolutely love it. Its smooth, powerful, accurate, and the list goes on. I put around 100 rounds through it without even the slightest hint of a hitch.  

At 16+1 rounds of .40, thats a lot of punch for a medium sized pistol. Any problems I have that involve the use of a gun will not last long!

Dialing in.

The recoil is very controllable and the gun is SUPER accurate. I can blow over a mountain dew bottle from about 20 yards.


  1. Congratulations! That's great. :-D

  2. Hey Congratulations David! Looks like mine??
    Yes, I still read (or try too) everybody's blogs down there.


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