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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 In Review

I know about everybody is doing some sort of post at the end of one year and the beginning of another. So, this post will be completely expected. Nonetheless, I wanted to share the highlights of this year - and let me tell you, its been a good year. There is no real order, just random good stories of my life, that stick out strong in my memory, and what I learned from them.
In June, we went to Colorado and got my giant puppy Dixie. Colorado was a great trip, and I learned how to trim horses feet, primp a steer for a show, and got a tiny bit more practice at riding. The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was delightful, and the dog we got in the deal is a dog like no other.
Yes, she's huge - at only around 8 months old.

This year, my parents handed over control of my finances to me. Except for food and shelter, I pay for everything I need now. This has been a huge learning process on handling budgets, and let me tell you, I have made quite a few blunders along the way. Although none of them were serious, I learned loads from them, and have been forced to grow in maturity and self control.
This year, I started carrying a handgun, and with the generous help of my parents, bought my own self-defense handgun. I did a post on it earlier in the year, with pictures. It has helped me learn the massive responsibility of carrying a loaded firearm on a daily basis and the handling of such a great privilege and honor.
This year I started learning how to butcher animals of all shapes and sizes, and am currently being trained by our butcher in quartering cattle. This has been a great privilege that was offered to me by the butcher, and I am learning a trade to support myself with.
This year on an ordinary day I went to a friends house and my ordinary day was changed forever when I roped their cow to move it to a pen in another part of the yard. Upon roping it, my friends were dragged about, and I was dragged across the yard, and through two laps of bougainvillea, when the cow finally stopped in a corner. I emerged with only one scratch, which I still bear on my right arm in scar form. I learned to always have more than one person holding the rope when a cow takes a notion to run - either that or let go.
This year I saw the best movie I have ever seen. Courageous changed my life forever with its stunning message and down-home application for fathers and men. I learned how great was my responsibility as a man and what I must do as one.
This year I received my very own laptop for my birthday, which I am typing on now. I learned (more like still learning) to manage my time wisely on it, and to use it for good and not wasting time.
This year I took the trip of a lifetime with my dad to Manassas, Virginia, to participate in the 150th anniversary of the battle that took place there in the Civil War. I learned what heat + humidity equals - misery. The Battle was fun, the heat was not. With a heat index of 120, I learned to appreciate a dry heat like never before.
This year I started a blog. (I bet you didn't know that....)
It has been a great way to broadcast Christ and his name through various subjects, movie reviews and happening in my life, to bring glory to Him. I pray God lets me use my simple thoughts to share his Truth and providence with all you devoted followers. :)
This year I grew so much in faith and knowledge of the Bible, in ways I never knew I could. Through thick and thin, God has been and is teaching me to love Him, serve Him, follow Him, and have faith in Him like never before. 2011 has been a monument of spiritual growth in my life, and I hope this next year trumps it.
I'm still a big ole' sinner, "chief of sinners" as Paul says, but I hope I'm a little less chief than I was before. :)
This year I learned the importance of living my own faith, and reading his word daily. I botch this so bad, and my life tells when I do, that I have been forced over and over back to God's word for my very living.
I could go on, but the list is endless.
God is good, and that's all I can say. Let's make the most of this next year to be more like him, less like us, and get his message out. I mean that, I mean to do that, to the best of my ability, and I hope the rest of you will tag along for the ride.
Who's with me?    


  1. It was fun to read this, David! We enjoy you so much, and 2011 was a great year.

    Oh, and I am glad you didn't die for more reasons than just you moving our hay :)

    Thanks so much for all you do for us!!!!!

  2. Wanted to let you know that I *finished* Calvin!!!! YAY!!! Jessie's almost done and Anna has a ways to go. You don't have to publish this, it's just my way of emailing you until I get an email :)

  3. Just so you know, you're music thing covers up the text on the left side so I can't read everything.

  4. David, it was great meeting you the other day. Daniel & I had a blast with y'all on the hike!

    (By the way, I added your blog link to my site, if that's okay with you...)


  5. Oh, David, that is so neat that that you carry a gun now! As a person who remembers you as a young boy (don't worry I won't tell any embarassing stories)it is really neat to see you grow up, sounds like you're doing the hard things, and enjoying it too! That is a huge dog!As you already know we moved in November and we got a kitten.Betsy Bea named her a really weird name!Jolo!Kind'a sounds like jello.

  6. @ Aimee
    Ha, yeah, I sure have come a long way from when I would tote that wooden sword around "Sherwood forest" and play cowboys and indians at the play gym by your house. But hey, that's what growing up is all about. Say hi to the gang and I will see y'all next month!

  7. Everybody grows up!Most of the gang is in bed but I'll tell them you said hi in the morning.
    Hey that's right, we get to see you guys next month!Ouch! A cat just ran across my shoulder with her claws out!Looking forward to seeing y'all, it's been a year!


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