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Monday, July 2, 2012

Why me?

Seriously. Me? Why? It kinda struck me as odd a while ago.
I am not the brightest guy in the world. I am only 18, going on 19.

I am a big ole sinner, just like the rest of you, probably worse. I am a just a mere Christian guy trying to make a living in this sinful old world, and trying to take it over for Christ and let him take over me. I am not exactly one who people come to on a regular basis for wise council or sage sayings.
That in mind, why do have 41 people who think enough of what I write to sit and read my ideas and thoughts? What about my writings make all you 41 people stick around?
I would love to hear what you like about me and my blog, what you don't, and what I could do to make it more God honoring and Christlike.
Please drop a comment and let me know! Seriously, Why me?!


  1. Does this post count as a reason? ;D I could ask the same thing of myself, actually!

    On the serious side, I love reading theological thoughts that other growing Christians feel to share on a wide variety of subjects. "As iron sharpens iron", through some of the Biblical topics you pull apart and dissect, I gain new awareness, knowledge, and am perhaps even reaffirmed in my own beliefs about different things or want to go back to the Bible and learn more. I learn a lot from opinions, even if I disagree with some of them. ;)

    Another, perhaps more fun reason would be that you post some pretty awesome photography, and talk about different things you do in your life. I find reading about both fun and exciting, and it's always interesting to get to know different Christian families through their adventures and to talk about such adventures with your own family. :D (For example, my brothers and I wouldn't get to talk about how awesome and gun-loving Arizona is if I didn't read your blog, now would we? ;D)

    You've also a sense of humour. Another big tick in the box. :D A few of your humorous comments I have quoted to my Dad and he got quite a kick out of them. ;)

    As to what I don't like... I can't really think of anything. You could post more often. ;) In regards to making your blog more God-honouring; only God can really answer that. It's not for me to judge. So long as you're sharing your faith wholeheartedly and unashamedly - as I believe you do - then I think your blog honours God highly. :)

    Those are my extensive thoughts on why your blog is great to read. :D

    1. *humble bow*
      Thanks Aussie, Glad you like it! I appreciate all the compliments and I am glad you find my blog edifying! I enjoy your stuff as well!

  2. Great picture :) My sister has an identical camera...

    Why do I like your blog? Well, lots of reasons. You are funny (and I like nothing more than a big laugh), but also quite serious when it comes to your theological posts. You tell a good yarn (I think the funniest one I remember was were you got drug around behind a cow...sounds sort of familiar...without the thorns); you have some of the same interests I do (guns and cattle, for instance). I like your movie reviews. And, even when I don't agree with you, I appreciate how you calmly defend yourself. Being a hot-head myself, calm replies tend to steady me. Oh, yes...and of course, pictures are always great :)

    I think for the latter points I could quote Aussie :)

    Keep on writing!


    1. Aw, ya'll are so flattering.
      I have been told on numerous occasions that I am good at telling stories, but I can never figure out why. I think it has to do with the fact that I simply have a funny life and look at things in a funny and non-typical light, and so when you put that together with a goofy story of me doing goofy things, it comes out riotous (and yes, I do have some funny stories).
      As for calm replies, that does NOT come naturally. One of the biggest things I am being convicted of lately is the whole "truth in love" aspect, which through God's grace alone I am getting better at. I am glad my replies are calm, because I have to put a lot of work into making them calm! :D
      As for movie reviews, stay tuned. Got another review on a whoppin movie comin right up!

  3. Why you? Because you're David!

    Because you're original...very original...hilarious, God-honoring, thought provoking, humble, honest...brutally honest at times...and encouraging.

    Because you're full of passion and fire and don't keep your ideas to yourself.

    Of course you're not perfect, and of course you still have a lot to work on. So do the rest of us.

    But your blog is awesome and appreciated because you're not trying to hide anything. You say it how it is and that's that. But you say it with a smile (or a sense of humor) that makes it palatable.

    IMHO, there's no changes you need to make. Just keep doin' what you're doin' and asking God to show you if there's places or things that need makeovers. You post on good practical things that gives me food for thought...keep it up!

    1. Ha, half of the things you said get me in trouble half of the time. :D Brutally honest, fiery, don't keep idea's to myself....... Yeah, all of those have gotten me in trouble more than once. *sigh*
      Well, at least those traits come in handy sometimes! :D
      Thanks sis.

    2. Hmmmm.....wonder what that means if the things I like about you are the things that get you in trouble...... LOL

  4. The above comments have pretty much summed up my own reasons for reading your blog... so keep on posting, and we'll keep on reading. :)

    ~ Corey P.

    1. Well, I must admit, at least things seem to be a public consensus around here! :D

  5. You are God honoring in what you post, funny, theologically and politically right-on,and yet growing and expanding, and one of my family ( in Christ).

    Keep it up!

  6. I respect you for taking a better cowboy stance than Clint Eastwood. Hey, everybody's got to believe in something...

    Seriously, though, I like your candor. And that you know what joy without silliness is (correct me if I'm wrong, Anna and Lisa - you know him in person...).

    And I like a lot of the topics you bring up on your blog.
    And, that people can disagree with you and you aren't unloving when they do that.

    Great blog! I've enjoyed reading it.

    1. Candor - I have been called a lot of things in my life, and that wasn't one of them. Thanks for the compliment!

  7. =) Great question David, and I think that this post is answer number one! Your humility in just asking, "why me?" shows why I stick around! You bring up some of the most unique topics *ever* and you always have a way of bringing your posts around to the main point of our life, pleasing God. Which considering how worlds apart we are now in many ways ( location being undoubtably one of them. =), I enjoy being able to sit down and just hear things that challenge me, and remind of good old times with y'all and yet, at the end, point everything to the Lord. You are an encouragement to me, and I know you are to others as well. Keep it up ol' pal!

    Plus, you are my friend. That's reason enough. =)

  8. I think that I enjoy your blog for a lot of the same reasons that the others gave, such as the good humor, God honoring and thought provoking posts, etc. You also asked to tell what we don't like about your blog. Well, to be completely honest, sometimes your posts are rather long and I have difficulty getting myself to read long articles on the internet. I love reading and can easily read a long book, but it's just trying to read a long post on the internet that is the trouble. Also my busy life doesn't always give me time to read very long posts. But then I have to remember that I, myself, have posted some rather long posts. So keep it up and keep being an encouragement to others.
    If you don't mind me asking, what is it that made you like my blog enough to follow it?
    God bless!


    1. Well, in the first place, I check out anybody who comments on my blog, and when you popped up, I moseyed over and found your blog. I find a LOT of blogs this way, but the amount of blogs that actually post stuff that is worth my time to read is pretty slim. If the Blog seems to be pretty edifying and Godly, I'll tag along! So, I did!
      As for the long posts, it reflects my character. :D I have been accused of being rather long winded. ;) I'll try to work on that.
      You don't actually "follow" (meaning the follower bar) my blog do you? I know your sister does, but I don't think I have seen you on there yet.
      Thanks for stickin' 'round and puttin up with me!

    2. Haha! No I don't follow your blog as in the "follower bar" thing, but I do stop in to read your blog fairly often. ;)
      Thanks for reading my blog! I am glad you found my blog to be Godly and edifying. I often pray that people would be encouraged by it!

  9. Well, to be honest I wanted to follow your blog as soon as I read your post about John Calvin. It was the first time I had heard a young man say things so pointedly, and so clearly. You have a great sense of humor and you study up on what you want to talk about before you go blurting your opinions. I have often been encouraged by what you post, and I share your posts with my family. We all enjoy hearing what you have to say about things, and are always happy to find that they are Biblically sound.
    Your post are sometimes very long, and I have to set aside a time to read them when I am not busy, but it's not a big deal; I don't mind 'cause they're always worth it. :)

    Also, I would like to apologize for not commenting that often. I have been rather busy, and though I take the time to read, I do not always take the time to comment. But I do realize that you need encouragement too, and I will try to add to the discussion more often :)


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