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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Things That Make My Day

Ya know, there are those times when you think a heap, work your tail off, tape it back on and have to keep going, and then there are those times when you just have a lay-low time and take it easy.

Well, those times work inversely with blogging. When you have lay-low times in life, you write big-bad, thick, hearty blog posts. When you are running around with your tail taped on, you write small easy posts.

Well, I have been running hard lately, so it's officially time for a nice laid back post.

I decided to do a post on the things that really just make my day a good day. Those things that I really look forward to. The things that if I had the chance, would do a lot more of, or the things in every day life I really enjoy. I am pretty easy to please, and the things I enjoy aren't an exception.

No particular order. :)

~ Shooting.
Boy-Oh-Boy do I love to shoot. Any weapon, any caliber, any target. I prefer my handgun or a fined tuned rifle with good sights or a good scope. Love lever actions, love a good scoped hunting rifle. Just something about putting that hole where you want it......
My .40 Springfield. Daily-carry weapon of choice.

~ Fishing.
Oh Golly, love to fish. I haven't fished but once this year, and let me tell you, it's been hard. Times are hard, budgets are tight, and fishing is one of those things that goes by the wayside for the things that matter more. Loving wading in up to my waist and just casting by a brush snag waiting for something......

~ Hangin out with friends......

~ Being goofy with friends...
(nuf said)

~ Hunting.
Oh yeah, love hunting. This will be my fifth bird season I believe, and I will be officially going on my first deer hunt in October. Pray hard for that!  Anything I can hunt, I do and I enjoy. I love game meat.
First jackrabbit

This past year was the first year I was ever able to get my limit bird hunting. 

My big 'ole fluffy dog. Dixie. Such a goofy, fluffy, happy, dingy, loopy, lovely dog.  Always look forward to seeing her going back to the barn.

Tall glasses of sweet tea.
Homemade, with honey please.

~ Playing in the waves.
Didn't think of me as much of a beach-boy did ya? Oh man, I love the beach, boogie-boardin, the surf......  I would love to learn to surf one day.

~ Swimming in lakes.
I've swam in pools a heap, and it really doesn't turn me on. Far too tame. In a rocky lake with steep rocky cliff sides and no bottom four feet away from shore? Now were talkin. Heaps more adventurous and.... scary, honestly.
Me havin a ball at the Blue Ridge Resevoir this past June. 

~ Road trips.
Gotta love road trips. All the gear stuffed in the back, driving for hours past new scenery headed someplace exciting. In the past few years, I have been to Colorado twice, been to Oregon once, to California once, and I am headed back to Colorado mid September.

~ People talkin' southern,

~ Good firm handshakes,

Last but not least......

~ Southern food - mashed puhtayta's, fried chicken, fried okra, dumplins, gravy....... oh boy, I had better stop now before I start droolin...

Well folks, that's about all I can think of now. Just a few things that really make me smile. How 'bout you?


  1. My list of favs is on my blog.... :D

    "Good firm handshakes" AMEN and AMEN to that!!!!!!!!

    And water wars...see ya soon!

  2. Awesome list! I like guns, fishing (in moderation!), being goofy with friends (who doesn't?), SWIMMING!! I wish Oz had places to swim like that. Creeks are nice, though.

    And good firm handshakes for the win! :D

  3. Just about everything on your list! Not so sure about swimming in lakes (I don't swim too good :D)...but that picture reminded me of the time we were at Buffalo Canyon out there someplace, and we were wading in the COLD water and Mom pushed me in! It was hilarious fun :)

    Shooting is a definite favorite...along with dancing (American 'Civil War' dancing in particular, though I can goof off to about any kind of music and call it dancing)...and of course, eating. (Pass the greens, please! ((Florida mustards are my favorite, followed up by collards...)))

    Ah, handshakes! I hate a wet dish-rag handshake...particularly from a guy ;)

  4. Things that make me smile......a lot of the same things on your list, definitely shooting, swimming in lakes, hanging out and being goofy with friends, road trips...but a few more that you may not agree with. ;)

    1) Quilting 2) A good volleyball or softball game 3) A good book 4) Haybales 5) John Deere tractors 6) Kansas sunrises and sunsets 7) roller coasters!! 8) 4-wheelers

    I'll stop there, but there are loads more.

  5. Great list!
    Shooting is great fun, though I get a kick out of watching people shoot more than I actually like shooting myself. ;) Never had many opportunities to fish, and whenever I did I hardly ever caught anything... except one time I caught a turtle ;)
    Spending time with, and being goofy with friends. =D That's one of the best! And I love your dog, Dixie. Hopefully soon we will be getting a new dog, (our dear old dog died a few years ago) and I can't wait. I do so love cuddling up with a loving mutt. ;)
    Sweet tea! If you've read my blog, you can tell what an essential that is in our daily life. ;)
    As to swimming, in lakes... me... hmmm.. no, not really. Give me a nice clean pool any ol' day of the week, and I'll be just fine ;) Heehee, yeah, I'm a sissy. ;)
    Firm handshakes! Yes!! And southern cookin. Mmmhmm. =)

    And I did it again. :P Sorry for the long comment, but I can't help myself. ;)

    1. Yeah, sweet tea is one of those things that shows God's ultimate mercy giving us. We didn't need it, and then, just to show he loves us, he drops the best drink the world has ever seen, straight from his table in heaven slap into my cup. Oh yeah, I love sweet tea.

  6. Awesome post!!!
    Love the pic of you 5 guys hanging in our trees....that looked soooo funny, and when your Dad pulled in, I think he thought we had really lost it..or did he already know that:)

  7. Glad ya'll agree with me. :) It's always nice when your friends agree.

  8. I love hearing southern accents, too. But honestly I have no idea whether or not I like fishing or hunting because I have never done either, although, they are on my to-do list.
    I enjoy playing volleyball, laughing, being with friends, and working at a restaurant.

    1. Working at a restaurant would NOT make my day, because I couldn't stand all that food going by my nose without trying at least a little bit! But hey, that's just me. :)

  9. Hi David! Haven't been 'round the blog world in what feels like ages. Really need to catch up around here soon. Hopefully before too much longer :) Take care & God bless!

    1. Hey Amy, good to see (in text format?) you again! Don't feel bad about busy - boy am I right now. Thanks for swingin by!


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