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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I know about YOU

That's right folks, you read right. If you read left, that phrase you sound something like this.

UOY tuoba wonk I sgnihT.

And unless you can read Japanese, that might not make any sense. Probably not even then. Some different dialect I guess.
So, those factors included, I am going to assume you read right.

Anyway, this is a post about you. You. My Followers. (if you are reading this and you aren't a follower, sign up and join the club! Love to have ya, if you are somewhat as insane as the rest of us around here.)

Here's what I am going to. I am going to tell the dreaded secrets that I know of you, or whatever I happen to know of you if you are rather new to this whole gig, plus my opinions of you. Brace yourself, sometimes the scariest people you will ever meet are the ones you see in the mirror everyday.
Don't worry, I'll play nice. :)

This will also give you an opportunity to meet some of the rest of the chaps around here! Click around and get to know them!

Here we go, from the top, in order of how they appear on the list on the side of my blog.

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Daniel Romanowitz:

Just joined the show a little while ago. What I do know about him is what I read on his own blog. Christian chap with a passion for using engineering for Gods glory. Here's his blog.
That's about all I know about him!

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Been around for a little while, and enjoying his company. Christian chap who plays music every chance he gets. On-the-button on theology, off the button on Cowboys, die-hard Celt at heart, long-winded in comments and posts, and a good voice. Stubborn as a Celt, and proud of it (in a humble sort of way of course) :)  Here's his Blog.



Little sister to one of my best friends who used to live just up the street from me (see Tyler below). Goofy, bouncy, but a down-home spirit, learning to be a homemaker and mom. Here's her Blog.


Amy P:

Met her through the blogging world on Gabe's blog (more on him later). Had an opportunity to meet her and her older brother on a trip they made down our way, and took a nice hike in the hills with them and some other friends.
Quiet, simple, not flashy, but theologically sharp, and I enjoyed hanging out with her and her family. Here's her Blog.

Flame of Jah:
Car mechanic, plane enthusiast, and Christian brother, He doesn't write a heap, but what he does is good.
Here's his Blog.

This is me
She found my blog, somehow, no idea.  She is quite knowledgeable Biblically, and 90% of every post is scripture. Great verses on life and living, and applications of such. Here's her Blog.

Corey P:
Ah, a good blogin' friend. Sharp as a razor theologically, with a good sense of humor. He posts movie reviews, soundtrack reviews and book reviews, plus random other edifying or humorous things. Here is his Blog.


Aussie blogger from "down unda". Poetic, artistic, theological. Nuthin fancy. Down home. Here is her Blog

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Cowgirl at heart, cousin of some awesome friends. Wordy as all get-out. Literally. She is the only person I know who can play my Mom at scrabble and not be left in the dust in the section called "losers", let alone beat her on occasion (guess where I fall in those games....) Theological, simple, with a hint  (TINY hint) of flashy, down home, riotously funny, awesome cook, and great friend. Only girl I know who likes shooting and guns as much as I do (that's hard to do folks). Here is her Blog.


Quiet, simple, and a great cook. Sorta adopted "sister". You won't hear much out of her at any given time, but look out when she gets warmed up! Here is her blog.

Um, really no idea. Apparently REALLY quiet......

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Gabriel Huddleson. Nuff said. :)

Stunning musician,  great friend, stunning musician, sharp as razor theologically, stunning musician, stronger than a ox, stunning musician... (did I mention he is a stunning musician?).
Rats, I think I forgot to mention he is a stunning musician. Literally one of my favorite artists out there. Great Christian brother who is the son of the pastor of a sister church.
And a Stunning musician. :)
Here is his blog.

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LONG time friend. I used to play Robin Hood with her and her siblings in a old patch of woods behind their house.... until they moved. Sister-in-law to Tyler (see below). Tends to be quiet, with random bursts of goofiness, back in the backwoods. Here is her and her older sisters blog.

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One of my best friends for ages. Used to live just up the street. Oh dear, pages and words can't the good times we have had together. Just heard (literally as I typed this) his lovely new bride is pregnant! Here is his Blog.

Ah, good ole Jake. Hyper, quiet, musical, computer geek, actor and awesome friend. Good pal for who knows how long. Here is his Blog.

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The man of pranks and camo.
Here is his Blog.

Good 'ole Justin. Car mechanic, actor, filmographer, and good Christian brother, a long time friend. Here is his Blog.

What to say? Catholic, goofy, hungry, a.k.a. The Bear. Re-enacting pal and fellow Reb. No Blog. :)

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Adopted "sister", same as Anna. She is cringing while reading this, dreading what I will post. (don't worry, I will play nice. :) Musical, good slab of common sense and a heavy douse of humor, horse fan of all sizes and shapes, with a finger on a camera trigger.
(see Lis', that wasn't bad now was it?)
Check out her Blogs.

Oh boy, here we go. *scratching head*
Adopted "sister", same as Anna and Lisa, (real sister to both)  goofy, horse nut, goofy, rather erratic cart driver, random, goofy. Yes folks, she's goofy. In a good way though. Loves to tease mercilessly, and the better you know her the more she will do it. Unless you really don't get ticked off -then she stops. (I haven't really been razzed in a good while) Working on convincing her that "healthy foods" taste good. :) Making progress there.
Here is her Blog.

The last three are moms and families of friends. Great families and awesome friends. Love 'em all.

Thanks for being awesome friends guys!


  1. Okay, so this was waaaay too much fun! It's always fun (and scary) to know what your best friends really think of you!

    Whew...*sigh of relief* No...not that bad at all, my dear brother :) You're good. Every one of those people that you described that I know you described perfectly!

    "good slab of common sense" Hm. Don't quite know where that fits in with my dingy moments... :D

    Maybe I'll copycat you again and do a post like this!

  2. Oh, David...I was really surprised when I saw the title of your post. I was going, how in the world is he planning to say something about us? Then I came across my picture, and was even more surprised...it was a pretty cool surprise, though. I'm glad we were able to meet y'all when we were in AZ. That was def. a highlight of our trip.

    This was a really fun post!

  3. *grabs GCB by the shoulders* What the heck were you thinking?! You blew my cover! ;)

    Seriously though, great idea for a post. The moral here is quite simple: If you follow this blog, you will be researched. :D

    I "know" a few of the people here (Gabriel, BushMaid), but as for the rest, internet hand-shakes all 'round. Glad ta meet ya.

  4. @ Lisa
    Well, I was trying to be rather on the nice side. I figured putting up that certain people have dingy moments, or is a bit of a klutz, or doesn't ever post on their blog, stuff like that, if they would feel embarrassed that I would share something that would be a bit to personal. I could have put LOADS more on some people! (you can guess who some of them are......)
    Like I said, I played nice. I didn't want to make enemies out of my friends!

  5. @ Proverbs 31 ten
    You'd be surprised what I know...
    :D jk.
    What I do know about people I post - if its edifying. I was trying to introduce people to each-other and show what I think of them (at least partially) and to get more people connected out here in the cyber world. If someone is going to follow my blog, I wanna know about them all I can!
    Glad you enjoyed it and found it interesting.

  6. @ Corey
    *takes hand of shoulder and uses pressure points till he backs off*
    Well pal, its like this. You wanna follow my blog publicly, I figured you wouldn't mind too awfully if I "took the lid" off of your concealment a bit. :D Jk.
    Good to have you around and I enjoy your posts! Go check out the other peoples blogs! There is quite the number of good chaps to follow!

  7. That was supposed to be *hand off of shoulder*
    Hate it when I do that.

  8. Haha, this is good lol. Am I one of the ones that never posts? LOL. Anyway, thanks for posting this, gives me a few more blogs to follow.

  9. "You'd be surprised what I know..."

    Oh dear....Should I be concerned??


  10. @Corey P.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance :-)

    Actually, I've been around your blog a bit here recently. I've have to formally stop by at some point (i.e. leave a comment).

  11. Whoa... I'm glad I joined when I did... (jk)

    Hey, nice to meet your friends, though. I hope that if I ever go to Arizona, I'll be able to visit your church.

  12. @ Pinecone
    You know about our church eh? That would be nice to see a pinecone walking into church one week. :) Swing by anytime you are in town!

  13. @ Amy
    No, you don't have to worry - secrets are safe with me....
    Jk, I was being goofy more than anything.

  14. Hello God's Country Boy,
    A very interesting post! It is nice to find other Christian bloggers out there, and even nicer when there are short descriptions of them like right here. I like to know about the people who follow my blog, too. I also like to know a little about the people whose blogs I follow, before I decide to follow them, so whether or not I follow your blog is yet to be known. I found your blog through Amy's blog, who I only know through the blogging world, but I really like her blog and I think you did a good description of her.
    God bless!


    P.S. I shall have to check out some of these blogs!

  15. So I was quite surprised when I saw my photo on the link to your blog on my younger brother's blog. Guess that's what I get for being the last one to join ;)

    My brother? Yep, the bodhran-thumping die-hard Celt (or he would be a Celt, were it not for a geographical issue when he was born :D) I found your blog thanks to him. He found your blog via Gabriel Hudelson's blog. He and I are similar in a lot of ways and agree on practically everything, except cowboys, apparently... ;)

    Nice to meet everybody, even if it's via the blogosphere. I'd give you each a handshake, but there's no way I can get my hand through the cable. Where's the technology when you need it...*sigh* Jk :D

  16. Thank YOU for being merciful....you could have said A LOT about us...big bro...!!!! :)

  17. Haha! This was an awesome post idea, I should try it myself. :D Outside of "Aussie" I had no idea what you'd come up with for me, but short of "eccentric" and "gun-packing", you got me in a nutshell. :D

    No way! Gabriel is a stunning musician?! o.O Who'd have thought? ;)

  18. Actually, my brother Dan is such an engineering visionary I wouldn't be surprised if he actually pursues a project combining social networking with a teleport machine in order to allow handshakes across the Internet.

    Just kidding. At least, I hope. :D

  19. @ Daniel.
    Ah, that's why I thought you two looked awfully alike. I figured it was just coincidence and moved on.
    I take it you are a little more favorable to cowpokes and their favorable attributes?
    Glad to have you here - even if you don't like cowboys. :D

  20. @ Bushmaid
    You be "gunpackin" ??!!
    How'd you squeeze that one past the feds?

    1. I have friends in high places. *dons spy glasses* My Dad and brothers are quite a bit taller than me. *nods sagely* ;)

    2. Ah, I see.*knowing and wise look* Friends in high places. I have a few of those.
      Having influence in the stratosphere always helps. :D

  21. @ ACR
    Whoa, that'd be something. Have this hand suddenly reach out of my screen and start waving around.

  22. @ Hannah
    Glad you "came over" to my little corner of the web-world. Love to have you stick around and follow the comments.

  23. Hahaha, David you have me pegged bro couldn't of said it better myself :D Lol, although in the past couple years of acting I have become somewhat goofy. Standing in rehearsals to long does it to a person lol. I look at my friends when we get off stage and we all grin and take off to go do something crazy, stupid, and, maybe dangerous.

  24. @ Justin
    You're one of those guys who are easy to peg. :)
    Hope you are doing well!

  25. *Is happy that he is not easy to peg like some people.*

  26. Hey there!

    JUST came across your blog and TWO things immediately caught my eye.

    #1 - you're a guy.
    derp. :P I know, right? Well...there aren't that many guy bloggers out there so whenever I see one, I get kinda excited! I'm glad more guys are taking the initiative to just START a blog and START writing! :) Very cool dude! Kudos to you!

    #2 - you're a country boy
    The title is really what caught my attention. I think I saw you comment on a blog or...something...and I was like, 'Hey! A country boy!'
    I was just looking over your artwork too...you have some SERIOUS talent! Keep it up!!

    God bless you! Hope you have a great rest of the week.
    ~Miss Raquel


  27. @God's Country Boy
    "I take it you are a little more favorable to cowpokes and their favorable attributes?"

    Sure. :)

    I think I'll leave the development of that technology to some other mad engineer. :D Don't worry. :D

  28. Oh my goodness David... this was a hilarious post to read. ( as you all can tell I am not the most dedicated blogger as I am just reading this. :) Howdy all around. =P

    One question though... I am hyper and quiet? I have to admit that those two mixed together is.. uhm.. unusual. =)

    I miss you guys in AZ!

    1. Yes, from what I remember of you, you were. You were hyper or quiet, and I don' really remember an exact in-between.
      But hey, if you come down here more often, I could find out! :D

    2. Hm. : ) I think the quiet part has since dropped and I am frantically searching for it. :)

      Hey... If I had that thing called "mulla" I'd come for a visit. But unfortunately everything I do now is centered towards the eastern side of our lovely country. : ) But the first chance I get I'm gonna come for a visit to see all y'all. = ) Got any good reasons? Lol : )


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