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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ok, it's about time for another funny post. I do stretches of serious posts, and I have several serious posts cooking in the back of my cognition, but I felt like giving you all a good laugh today.

Subject matter?

Studio C. These guys came across my radar a while back, and I have become bigger and bigger fans of them ever since. Turns out they are Mormon, I believe (that could be wrong information....) But they have clean humor all the way around. These are some of my all time favorite by them.

Notice the guns in her cart?

Thanks a lot, Youtube. 

For all you Tolkien fans.

That explains a LOT....

This one is more profound than funny....

Stuff like that'll pop a man in shape in no time - 
Or pop a hole in him.

How the west was.....lost?

Think of this next time you fight.

Cultural differences 

Apparently I should worry more on my next hunting trip....

The Jar-Jar line did it.

Every little bit helps.

Seriously, how do they think of all these?

I hope you laughed. : ) Which was your favorite?


  1. We just recently got hooked on Studio C... hilarious!! And yes, I do think they are Mormons (from what I've read). However, it's clean humor, which is fantastic.. =)
    I haven't watched all the ones you posted, but International Relations was hilarious!!!!!! It's even funnier because we had a conversation with a guy from England about 4th of July... quite comical... lol. =)
    Now I'll have to watch the new ones sometime..

  2. I love Studio C! They are awesome!! ^_^ You picked almost all my favourites. XDD International Relations is the bomb!! As a writer, I LOVE Teddy's Story Joint; it's pure brilliance, and Inventors and Classic Fight both crack me up. XD I have to recommend some more to you!! Have you seen these? Blame it on the Butler, Bourne HR (if you've seen Bourne Identity, you'll crack up at this one), Last Will and Testament, Poker Face (Hilarious!), my Dad loved Surprise Party, and Panic Attack is pretty funny too. XD

    1. I love all of those, but I haven't seen blame it on the butler or panic attack. But my new two favorites are Robbing Roger and Dead Dana - those two had me in stitches.
      Glad you liked them!

    2. Dead Dana is one of our absolute favourites. My siblings and I have learned all the lines to it, and hope to do it as a skit at the church camp concert end of this year. :D Only trouble is, we know it so well we may have to practise the mistakes to make it funny... o.O

  3. Everyone in my family who watched 'Driver's Ed' thought it was one of the funniest things they'd ever seen :D I really liked 'International Relations' and 'Teddy's Story Joint' were both clever and funny.
    Now you've got us all hooked on Studio C ;)
    Have you seen 'Trip to the ER'? That's another really good one. Howabout 'Coin Flip' or 'Weighty Matters'?

    1. Those last three you mentioned are really good, Laura!!! I definitely enjoy Studio C. :) Have you seen "Mafia", "Grocery Bag", and "Dead Wedding"?

      @ David - Thanks for posting these! You picked a lot of the best ones. :) They really are a lot of fun!

  4. Our whole family was in stitches... A Classic Fight was too realistic!


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