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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Prayer Advance Pictures

Well, Gabe came over this past week, and he and I swapped photos. So now I have some more Prayer Advance pictures that I promised I would have. One of them is SO good I'm going to add it to my "photos" page. Take a guess as to which. :) 

Early morning sun just coming over the hill

Me and Mr. Myers holding up Gabe while he secured the tent lights

Iwo Jima re-enactment?
An evening shot, over the wash behind the camp

My absolute favorite.
"Taking Dominion"


  1. I love that last picture of you David it is awesome!!!

  2. Really really really SUPER awesome pics..and funny! Last one is neat...that would be the one on your photos page?!?! ☺

    OKKKKKKKKK how do you make your pics so big>

  3. Who took the pic of you?

    Lis wants to know if the RM stands for Rich Mullins ☺ donnnnn't think sooo

  4. Wow!!! That last picture is sooo awesome!!!

    It sounds like the prayer advance went well?? And the story about the pancakes with you and Gabe was soooo funny:) I can't imagine how hard that woud have been to clean up if it was in someone's kitchen!!! It is good that you boys tried to cook, but it is also good the experiment took place outside:) JK

  5. Still waiting for the "music" post :)


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