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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Good Day In the Life of a Hunter

        That insatiable desire to shoot things: I have never understood it, but boy, I'm there. I'm a hunter, 100%, and proud of it (in a humble sort of way of course) :)
        Anyway, every year around the fruit season, the grackles have a hay-day on our plums, apricots, blackberries (what little there was in the first place) etc.
        SO.... this is a win-win situation. :) I can kill two birds with one stone! (well, actually its one bird with a pellet at a time, but you get the point)
        I can HUNT, and KILL THINGS, and at the same time, ELIMINATE the PESTS. :) I crack out my pellet gun, and wait on either side of my yard, waiting for grackles or birds of the sort to land on the tops of the trees on the side of the yard, or in the very top of the big pecan trees.
        WEEEELLL, this is fruit season.....
        ....Guess what I did the other day?? :)
        Oh yes, it was a great day in the life of an All-American Hunter.
        Normally, on an average day of hunting (with my pellet gun), I will shoot 4-10 rounds, and if it's a good day, I will bag one on the 4th or 5th shot, and then, three shots and three misses later, I am forced to be content with only one kill.
        A total of six shots, with 3 kills, maybe four. Every shot but one hitting a bird.
        Shot #1.
         I walked out onto the side yard on the south, spotted a bird in a big palm trees, and one shot, one kill, dropped it first shot. Thank you Lord, it's already a good day.
        Shot #2.
         I put No.1 in a safe spot out of reach of a hungry dog's mouth, reloaded, and walked around the corner of the house, going north, spotted another bird in the tops of the trees on the other half of the yard, and again, dropped him first shot. Thanks again Lord.
        The third shot went to finish off a bird Noah had dropped, was stuck in a tree, and I could basically put the barrel in his eye and finish him off (so I did).
        Shot #4.
         I walked west, towards the front, and spotted a big, fat, shiny black grackle, posing at the top of the elm tree out front. Well, I just couldn't resist. :) One shot, one kill. I'm pretty sure he was dead before he hit the ground, but he was still twitching. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, this is a good day.
        Shot five blew a lot of feathers off the back of one back on the north side of the house, and he dived down and I had assumed he flew off, but I now think that I killed him too, because the next day as we were leaving the house, I spotted (thanks to Noah) a dead grackle, the same size and color as the one I had shot at on the day previous, in the neighbors front yard on the south side of the house--the same side of the house and directly in the area where I plugged her. So if thats so, that makes 4 birds in one day. Not exactly verifiable, but I'm positive. :)
        The only shot that missed, shot #6, the only reason I missed is because just as I pulled the trigger, he flew. I'm guessing I put a hole in his tail.  :)
        So, a very good day, the best grackle hunting day I have ever had. A total of five annoying birds eliminated from the neighborhood all in a period of a half hour.
        Praise God for Pellet Guns and pests, and praise God for his dominion mandate, allowing us to kill and control his creation.  :)  Let me tell you, I LOVE it.
        So, as long as I have a pellet gun and ammo, No bird in my neighborhood is safe.  :)

Noah's gun and kill on the left, with my kill No. 2, 1 and 3, in that order from the left, with my bird slayer next to it. :)   

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