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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goings-on Lately

Well, its been a while since I posted, and I've actually done quite a lot in that short time. Here is a short catch up.

I shaved my dog to look like a lion (don't worry, I fixed it later) :)
The king of the forest....

Ferocious looking lion isn't he? 
 Noah and I participated in another reenactment up in Flagstaff a few weeks back.
Noah being a yank flag-bearer .

Me as a sharpshootin Reb (I actually did get to play the role of a sharpshooter :) ) 

A cool shot of our muskets all stacked. Mine is the one you can't see on the right on the far stack.
 Bagged me another fur-ball back by the barn a week-and-a-half ago.
If you look real close you can see the hole behind the ear. :) 
 A few photo shoot shots I took for fun.
I like this one a lot, with the sun coming through the leaves and all... 
Our blackberries are in season.... (yum!)
We went to my cousin's graduation this past Monday.

(from the left) Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Kimi, Cody, Cassidy, Uncle Mark, Me, and Noah
 Then, Tuesday we went fishing and had the best day we have ever had on the river.
Caught on a rubber worm not long after we arrived

Another one caught on a rubber worm a little while later.

His last of the day, caught on a long husky-jerk that the lip broke off and became a stick-bait!

My first, caught on the first cast of my brand new modified Zara Spook, not long after Noah's second fish. 

My second fish, caught on the second cast of my new Spook (Yes, two fish, two casts in a row. If you don't believe me, look at the time on the shots.  Just enough time to wade back, unhook, take picture, wade back out and cast again.)
Last fish, caught on same Spook, not long before Noah's last fish. 
That day, I had three strikes on my new Spook, all in the same 60 square feet of water, and I reeled in every one. Its all due to a hook modification I learned to do in a bass book of mine. If anyone wants to know how, I can do a post on it.
In fact, all six of those bass were caught in the same 60 square feet of water. Guess I found the HQ eh?

So, all in all, a very busy couple weeks.


  1. Sooo...
    What's more fearsome - the lion in your backyard or the 90 lb Grinch in mine? Cheap soap from Target+white dog= AAAGH!! *ahem* Milton is mostly not green anymore. It took alot of scrubbing though!

  2. So, we finally get to see the "lion" pictures!!! He looks soooo funny:)

    The Prescott pictures look like a ton of fun!!!

    You would never guess what we are doing.....watching Skye's horse for a baby. She is really close to going so we are all crowded in her bedroom watching....REALLY tired!!!


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