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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Courageous: Review

I know as soon as I post this, all the followers of the Courageous movie progress will lurch forward, grabbing the screen, making sure you read the title right.
Courageous?! How is that possible?! It doesn't release till September 30th!!
Yes, it doesn't, but having a dad in the military has its perks. :)
We got a pre-screening at Dad's chaplain conference a few weeks back, and let me tell you right now....
IT'S AWESOME! It went straight to the top of my favorites list as soon as I saw it.
I won't ruin the story line for you, but it's about four cops and one mexican construction worker who find the necessity for Godly Fatherhood, and take the step up to do what it takes in their family.
Incredible film quality, Sherwood gets better with each film.
Humor? Oh my word, you will be rolling on the floor by the time this movie is over. Their sense of humor gets better with each movie, and this one doesn't have an obnoxious Wayne like Fireproof.
Plot? Great story, they weave their dealings with gang-bangers and drug dealers in a professional way, giving the story great a great sense of flow, not only in the family life, but also in their work life.
Action? This is one of the best features of this movie. It is the first Christian movie I have seen yet with a gunfight! Near the end of the movie a firefight erupts when the cop pulls over a green Cadillac with.....
Sorry, I got carried away. I wont spoil the scene. :)
The message of this movie is the best part. Yes, Fireproof had a good message, and so did Facing The Giants and Flywheel, but this one trumps them all. This movie lays out in no-bones-about-it terms what a Godly father should be, how this tremendous task is no piece of pie, and should be taken with all seriousness. It lays out from biblical passages what the role of the father should be, and how he should do it. This is one of those movies, that no matter how good a father you may be, or if you're not married, how high your standards and goals are for when you get married, you will walk away from this movie convicted, but inspired. Inspired to take the step up in your family, inspired to lead your family in spiritual and physical matters, and inspired to be COURAGEOUS, no matter what comes.
I do not recommend this movie for people who are younger, due to some gang scenes and intense firefights and police chases. You make the call where that line is for your family. Besides that, I recommend this movie to everyone, everywhere, whether they are willing to step up or not, because after this movie, I think they will change their mind....
Overall, 5 STARS, no 6, 10, 100... Where to stop? :)
I can't say this enough...

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