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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Genius at Work

Ok, this is brag-on-little-brother time. Recently, my little brother, Noah, came up with the idea of taking a can-opener, and turning it sideways and opening a can of soup. At first when he showed me, he was opening a can of soup for me when I was sick, and listening to him tell me how he opened a can was the last thing I wanted to hear in that condition. Today, when Noah and Mom were feeling down, I helped make Mom and Noah dinner. Well, I cracked out the soup cans and the can-opener, and was preparing to clamp away and grind off the lid (anybody else had that happen with those hand crank openers?) when I remembered Noah's fancy technique. What he does, is he tips it over, so he is no longer cutting up and down, through the thick lid, but sideways, through the thin sidewall of the can. I decided to try, and let me tell you, it works! Its about 5 times easier, and the can lid has no sharp edges, and there is almost no sharp edges on the can itself.    

There is the lid of the first can, with the only sharp part on it - which isn't sharp at all.

As you can see, the edge is rounded over - perfectly safe for all you out there who cut yourself on these beasts.

The only sharp edge on the first can

Cutting away, sideways, just below the edge of the lid.

Cranking away - much easier than before.

The finished product - two cans with basically no razor sharp spikes to get cut on.
So go and try it for yourself! crack open a can of something or other just for the occasion. Or, just merely remember it next time.

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