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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caption Contest

Ok, I saw this on the Field and Stream website, where they have caption contests to see who can put the best caption to a funny picture. Unfortunately, a good portion of them are crude. BUT the whole concept is so much fun, I'd thought I'd try a few. Here is the first picture. Comment as many times as you like with your captions, and I'll announce the winner in a week. No prizes - sorry, this is just for creative imaginative purposes. :) Lets just see how we can look at a simple picture in a new funny light.

Have fun!   


  1. Great idea, David! The picture is hilarious! :D I'll give the caption contest a shot:

    "Do not attempt on actual mountain biking trail. Otherwise, you might end up injured like Brennan."

    1. Hahaha...*laughing*

      Are you all wrapped up in bandages like a mummy?

    2. Ha, you would know eh?
      Don't tell me you were trying the same thing were you?

  2. Good grief - Brennan was the only one who even tried. I guess he won!


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