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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Soldier

Been in the army for 26 years. Started as a Private, and is now on his way towards being a Major. Been deployed twice, and is deploying again in June. He worked on generators for years, has been a transportation officer, and now is a chaplain over an MP unit. Has up-armored assault vehicles overseas, and worked on the Border Mission keeping the Illegals out. Held guns once held and owned by Hussain himself (and has pictures to prove it), and done more things and seen more things than most Officers above him.

My Dad. 

On this Memorial Day, when we honor all those who gave their lives so we could live ours free, I honor my dad.

We've had our good times, and our times when we didn't see eye to eye. We've been hunting and fishing...

...camping and shooting,

...and the list goes on. He has always been willing to take us places and do things we wanted to do, even if he wasn't so crazy about it. He doesn't mind when we go fishing if we wade in and catch all the big ones, while he stays on the shore and catches nothing. He has brought me up in the fear of the Lord, and taught me how to shoot. He tells me stories of the war, and stories of when he was a kid, squabbles with his siblings and fishing with grandpa.

I tend to overlook all he has done for me and my family, but I intend to change that.
I think we all tend to overlook the men in our small circles that give so much, while we appreciate them so little.

I am thankful for him doing his part trying to keep this country alive and free. I am thankful that he is my dad.

Chaplain. Soldier. Christian.

My Dad.


  1. Love you, Mr R!!! and thank you *so much*!!!

    Awesome post, big brother. (and I love the top picture)..... LOL

  2. Go, Army!
    Dads are great, aren't they? Particularly Soldier Dads!
    My Daddy was in for 22 years; retired as a MSG.
    I was baptised by an Army chaplin...
    I agree with Lisa, the top picture is wonderful :) (Best haircut in the world--Pop still cuts his with the 'buzz-cut'.)

    God Bless All Our Troops! And Thank-You to all of them...I love 'my' soldiers.

    ~~A Proud Army Brat

  3. Awesome post David, what a wonderful way to honor your dad, I'm sure he was well pleased- We all happen to think is a pretty neat guy also! Thanks for all you do Darren to serve our country - you are appreciated!

    Mama K

  4. Awesome Post David! What a great way to honor your father. We think he is great too and we are very thankful for his service to our country for us! You will all be in our prayers. By the way....showing how much you appreciated all the unnoticed things your parents do is a sure sign of country boy maturity :)))))
    Mrs. G

  5. Great post. pictures and party...we had fun and hope that you had fun too Mr. R!!!!


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