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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reality Check

I normally don't advocate FOX news, but hey, even a broken Clock is right twice a day. 
For once, FOX got it right. 
And no, not because they came out and said that crime isn't caused by gun ownership, but because this guy, on national TV, came out and said that crime, in reality, comes from the hearts of men and women. 
From the hearts. Sin. FOX almost admits in secularized form that man is sinful.

Now that folks, is a real reality check.


  1. I'm honestly shocked!!! That last sentence was revolutionary. Wow!!

  2. Forgot to mention that I'm lovin' the new header :) Good job.

    1. Thanks gals! I thought a fresh look would do me some good, and that picture, all 'shopped up, really turned out nice. I love the old church and the old tire set and fence. Reeks of old stories forgotten and memories that somebody has that probably should be told, but nobody will listen too.

  3. Wow...they actually aired that!

    "It comes from the heart of men and women."


    Thanks for posting that, David!


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