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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in the Country

I don't know what people who don't have the great outdoors ingrained into them do on thanksgiving - wait I take that back. I know what they do. They play the Wii, drink a few beers, cokes and cider, catch up on happenings and sit around the living room until the food appears. At least, that is what my extended family does - cousins and aunts and such.

We normally go down south to have Thanksgiving with our extended family, but this year we weren't able to make it. We couldn't sit at home alone of course, so we planned a full day of fun over at our other families house - other family translated as our best friends down the road.

We knew it would be a fun day, but we didn't really know the extent of it, or what it would entail.
Bro - What more needs be said?

Bows - of course - who wouldn't have Thanksgiving without archery being involved?
The girls were totally interested in archery, but had little to no experience or practice. So, lessons commenced, along with general open-season on anything downrange stupid enough to get pegged by all involved.  

Demonstration fire

You can tell by her face that Jessie and that target must have had a disagreement sometime in the near past... 

She looks a tad happier - she must have settled part of the score with the target

Lisa apparently was on fine terms with the target, and on fine terms with the holes she put in it 

Eggnog Row

Oh Golly  -  I missed! 

During and around the archery was arranged a Pellet Gun competition - I didn't win, but I came close. The competition kinda fizzled out when we found out that the scope on the gun they were using was a tad off.

Matthew snipin'. He had the highest score at the end 

Raspberry Tea and a good seat to watch from 

Yours Truly, with me own shooter

Bro at bat.   Er .... gun. 

Lisa gone lefty

Jess was the bravest and free-handed a few shots

After the shooting of various weaponry for several hours, an impromptu photo shoot cropped up. Us and the girls had never had a really good shot of us all together.

And if any of you have been around on one of our photo shoots, you know that is no easy or quick matter.
Lots of shooting ensued, before and after the desired shot was taken.

Sister Love

Bro : Maybe I should have my hat this way -
Me: I don't know him.....
Photo bomber...

Had to throw this one in - I have seen very few good shots of people with Compound bows, so I am always looking for some, or trying to take them and be in them.
Needless to say, I love this one. 

The Guardians

And this was the reason for the entire shoot - One good shot of all of us together -
We call them 'the girls', they call us 'the boys'
Together, more than friends  -  Family.  

So, we eventually had to close shop and stow away the gear for animals chores, and of course, for dinner.

And when it came to dinner, we did things a tad differently than most rednecks.

I insisted on decking out a touch for Thanksgiving, and everybody else decided to follow suit. We put on our Sunday best, put out the best China and Silver, and had a Thanksgiving dinner in style.

But, despite the fancy clothes and fancy fixin's, it was still a redneck dinner. 

Someone commented halfway through the main meal that we were sitting around a gorgeously decked out table, all in our Sunday best, eating with Silver off of China, discussing the best way to polish off the neighborhood coyotes - hardly becoming of the high-class look we were sporting. 

You can deck out a Redneck, but he's still a redneck. : ) 

So, all in all, I have to say I think it was the best Thanksgiving I have had. Thank God for good times, good food, good friends, and loads of all of them.   

Here's to loads more. 


  1. Sounds like ya'll had fun yesterday! I love archery! Not good at it, but it is still fun.
    For my thanksgiving, I went to the home of one of my classmates (being too far from home, I could not spend it with my family besides my brother) who lives on a farm. We had a delicious meal, went outside into the 24° degrees cold, tossed the football, helped spread hay over garlic so it does not get frost bitten, back inside for desserts, singing around the piano, fun times with awesome people, and lastly shopping. So yeah, my Thanksgiving was pretty great, too.

    1. That does sound fun - although you must be pretty brave to face the Thanksgiving shopping mob - I still haven't gotten the guts to try that. Thank God you survived!

    2. Haha! Yeah, the mob of people was not particularly appealing to me and I am glad I survived that, but I did end up getting a pretty awesome deal, a pair of brand new pants for free (and, no, I did not steal it). You've got to admit, that is pretty awesome! ;)

  2. You can take the kids out of the country, but you just can't take the country out of the kids!!!

    Officially ranking as one of THE BEST Thanksgivings ever!! Love you guys!!!

    1. *Nods with a grin*
      Couldn't agree more - on all of it.

    2. Amen to that! It really is so true. I grew up in the country, but now am having to live in a huge city, and yet, my heart will always be in the country. ;)

  3. Country for the win. B-) You guys have more fun than should be legal, you know that, right? ;) I wish thanksgiving was a Aussie holiday. :(

    And Lisa is a leftie???! Knew I loved her for a reason. ;) XD

    1. Well, she's actually a rightie, who is left eye dominant, and shoots rifle better on her off-hand because of that. I am the same way, (right handed, left eye dominant) but I have trained myself to use my right eye for rifles and shotguns, and left eye for handguns.
      Hey, that much fun should never be outlawed - the places where it is outlawed is called Europe - and that general area, and everybody knows how boring it is out there for country folks. :D
      You a South Paw? My dad does everything with his left hand but shooting.

    2. Shhhhh....I'm an undercover leftie :) :) :) :) :)

      And yes, we definitely have an illegal amount of fun. Always :P But, hey, we're Johnny Rebs, so it makes sense to do illegal stuff LOL

    3. Oh thanks - There you go blowing our cover.....
      Whatcha think of the new blog look?

    4. I like!!! The only thing to think about is maybe a more neutral font color? The red's alright...just not crazy about it.

      It's a perfect summary of you.....the archer, the hunter, and the regular contemplative David.

      Actually, I take that back. It doesn't cover your humorous side...or your sweet face :) :) :)

    5. Illegal stuff is super fun if you don't get caught. But you didn't hear that from me... *coughcough*

      I'm a complete leftie, bar playing the guitar, and other musical instruments. I was forced to learn violin right-handed as a kid, and now it transcends to all musical instruments. However aside from that, I'm a total leftie - eating, batting, shooting.

      The new banner is awesome, too! Glad to see your face on the page. :D It may be a bit big, tall wise; and what Lisa said, but that's all neither here nor there if you like it. :D

    6. Illegal?! Don't know what your talking about. To say an act of training in self-defense and marksmanship on your own land is illegal is to say the country's been taken over by communism, oh wait...


    Looks like y'all had an absolute blast!!! Lisa, Jessie, and unnamed girl look like a lot of fun, I'd love to meet them. I've never felt like such a boss as when I'm shooting a bow and arrow....unfortunately I'm not the best at it, but it's fun anyway!

    All the pics are fantastic, especially love the group shots and that one with the compound bow!! :)

    1. Hey! There ya be! (eson?)
      Anyway, it was a blast. The unnamed girl is Anna, the other sister. And yes, you would love to meet them - you guys would get along famously. Beyond famously, actually.
      Archery *is* a tad addictive, as the girls found out. :)
      That is part of the reason I went to a compound bow, is because I can actually hit something!
      Glad you liked them.

  5. Oh my goodness!! It was such a fun day! The group we get to be with is awesome!!!!!!!
    (I still have a bruise that shows my, uh, rather unprofessional way of shooting the bow :D ) You were doing a great job at teaching us though...

  6. Amazing time with amazing people! Love you all!


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