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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Button

I have officially discovered why I am not a techy.

This evening, I spent who knows how many hours arguing with HTML, goggling at HTML, fighting with HTML, hating HTML, not getting anywhere near understanding HTML.......Yeah, I hate HTML. I love the fact that other people do use it, and understand it, and can do it for me, but as for me and my house, we will shoot down HTML the first time it shows its ugly face near my laptop screen. 

I was *trying* to use the HTML stuff to make a Blogger Button, to have something you all out there could paste on your blog sidebars - a little advertising of your favorite redneck blog. *innocent grin*.

Yeah, that didn't go so swell. I googled it, and got one strand on HTML to punch in and fill in. That didn't work. So I googled some more, and found a different strand of HTML to punch in and fill in. That didn't work either, but worked better. 

Around and around and around I went, getting more frustrated as time went on. I called in reinforcements - My mom couldn't even totally make heads or tails of the issue. 

So, I got creative. I figured out what part of the HTML code was working, what parts weren't, and jimmied it to do what I wanted. 

And it worked. 

My own, personal, rednecked HTML, worked. 

So, figuring I had better quit while I was ahead, I developed this little system to thwart the attempts of the HTML trying to drive me insane and buttonless, and behold, I have conquered. *grinds useless HTML into carpet with boot*    

Rant over. *exhausted sigh*

So, up at the top with all of my pages, you will see a new page - 'Snag My Button' it reads - on that page lies my own personal HTML, tested and ready for you and your blogs. Goes around stupid HTML stuff, and uses my own HTML to my own means. Just punch it into an HTML thingy on your blog sidelines, and whazammo, a nice little picture will link *your* blog readers to *my* blog. Howzat for showing your loyalty?

So, I would certainly appreciate all the advertisement I could implore your gracious hearts to bestow upon me and my cyber-nook. 

Thanks a heap! 



  1. I really like it, but I have zilch idea as to how to put it on my blog.... :)

  2. This sounds like the last techy excursion you'll be having for a while.

  3. Nice work, David! Sounds like you do your coding like I do... lick, spit, and a whole lotta ducttape. :P

    Although do forgive my persnicketyness - I tweaked it a little so the size was right for my blog layout. But hopefully the fact I think your blog is awesome enough to share everywhere, you'll let me off. ;)


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