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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swordfighters of the Desert

Well, my swordfighting skills have been put to the test recently. I had some SERIOUS competition at a friends birthday party last week . Behold my antagonist. 

Joel could barely heft the thing let alone swing it. 

The battle rages...

He gets the upper hand....

.....And slays the dragon. :)

Actually, I can fight better than that, but of course you have to let him win. :) 
He sure had fun, and I did to, but then I moved on to something a little more strenuous. 


  1. By my troth, it doth appear to have been a brutal, bloody battle. :)

    (My brothers and I have those same swords; they're tons of fun, aren't they?)

  2. Ah yes, bloody and sweaty, gritty and gruesome. :)
    Those Swords are incredible. They are the only swords I have ever fought with that can withstand the heat of a full fight without breaking. You will break before they will! VF has a new one out. Its modeled after the gladius, and the whole thing is only the length of the big ones blade, but since it's a gladius it has no hilt. :( BIG bummer when it comes to a tough fight.

  3. Yeah, I've been thankful for the protection of the hilt more than once... specifically, my fingers have. :)

    The gladius sounds neat (with the exception of the fact that it lacks a hilt). Of course, if I get one, I'll be tempted to run around shouting lines from "Gladiator" and mimicing Russell Crowe. ;)

  4. Love the first one! And the last 1 of course =) those swords were WAAAAY more fun than I would have ever thought!!

    I got 2 birds today...close range. The scope is still off when I'm shooting far...but idk if that's the scope, the gun, or my problemo lol
    Its like zooming way in on a camera,,, every move, however slight, is soooo obvious. Annoying.

  5. AWWW :)

    But you and Benj (or was it Bud?) should know the swords CAN be broken!

  6. That looked like fun. Cute photos! :D My brothers and I made some swords that looked similar to those; we had lots of fun with them as well. :D


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