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Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Jesus' Name

In Jesus' name. Such a simple phrase, so short, so to the point. How often have you stopped to think about this short, three word phrase that sums up the entirety of our faith? It caught me upside the head not too long back. I do that a lot, just think about the simple things we take for granted. The beauty in the small things we overlook. A small girl running through the grass under the trees, dog running loyally alongside. The moon coming up through the clouds and lighting up the entire valley. A hummingbird sitting and twittering on a branch  in the bright sun.....
Sorry, I digress. :)
Back to the point.
In Jesus' name. We say it mostly after a prayer, a sort of postage stamp of piety that shows that we recognize that there was a guy named Jesus and we really like Him, so it makes us sound really pious saying it and we feel real good about it and dig into the food we are eagerly eyeing. (Amen, anybody?)
Anyways, we just tend to throw that term around with very little understanding or realization of that little phrase that we all take for granted. Let's look at that phrase.
In Jesus' name. We live in Jesus' name. We carry Jesus' name because He came and died for us so we could be called by His name and be Sons of God. We do everything we do in Jesus' name. Its so simple, yet so profound. Such a small phrase we take for granted that about sums up our entire life, for as long as we live. He's the reason and the power behind everything we do, and we don't have any reason or power without Him.
If we would remember that every time we say it, we might live differently.
Just thought I would share that. It was a refresher for me, and I hope it does the same for you.


  1. This was definitely a refresher for me too. Thanks for sharing!
    -Brennan C.

  2. "Like!" Oops...this isn't Facebook :)

    Seriously...good job!

  3. Awesome thoughts. Thankyou for sharing them. :)


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