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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pictures of Me

I haven't done a post like this in like FOREVER. Seriously. The last time I did this was right after I had started my blog. So yeah, its been a while.
But I thought I would throw in some random pictures of me, doing rather random things.

Johnny-Reb to the core. This shot is from November 2011 during our last re-enactment.

This is an old shot, back from '10, taking a comfortable seat before moving hay

Enjoying ice-cream with more plastic and chemicals in it than I care to tell after a b-day celebration for a friend.

Oh yeah, shooting day with the church. First AK I had ever shot. Fun stuff. 

Evidently I got a little annoying on the hike......

What can I say? 

I had to fix the tux look somehow. I figured a cowboy hat would do the job. 
Firing my new 12 gauge this past February at the Father-son camp-out. Whew, that thing hurt.
Ah, the creme of the crop. A posed shot a friend did of me doing a mini photo-shoot for pics I could draw.  It turned out far better than I could have hoped.
Totally me - all the way.  


  1. I like the cowboy hat with the tux. I remember encouraging you to wear it when we were signing the marriage license for Perry and Tyler but evidently you had already tried it in the groom's room. The tuxedo wasn't half bad though, even without the hat!! The first pic looks kinda like a movie poster.

  2. HA! I forgot about that moving hay picture... :P

    And, yeah, I also forgot how cool the last one turned out. Haven't looked at that one in a while. It's really good. You seem to do well in dramatic shots :)


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