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Friday, June 28, 2013


Ok guys, apparently things are gonna change up a bit around here. You know that little sidebar that shows who is following my blog, or following yours, etc? That thing is called Google Friend Connect, and if you have a blog, that is what tracks all the blogs you are following, and shows you all the recent posts that your blogs of interest have posted. Well, apparently Google Friend Connect is about to go away. I don't know why, but it is. So, that means if you "Follow" my blog by the 'follow' button, and you get alerted to a new post of mine by it appearing in your blog list window, you soon will be left completely in the dark as to anybodies, mine included, new posts. There will be no alert system to tell you when I have posted anything new, or any blog you are following posts anything new. The only fix to this whole thing, is the "follow by email" sidebar. If you punch your email address into that, you will be notified by email whenever I post something up.
So, again, if you want to be updated as I post up stuff, you *need* to go punch your *email address* into that *'Follow by Email'* section on the *left* side of my blog.
Obviously, I hope you all stick around for the ride. : )


  1. You can follow blogs through a system called Bloglovin'. It is very similar to Google Friend Connect and still provides you the updates on new posts to your favorite blogs. That is actually how I am following you at the moment. :) I personally think it is a better system than the Google version.

    1. Where do you get it? Is it a sidebar thing, or what?

    2. I am terribly sorry I did not see your reply before. I am guessing you were able to figure it out?

  2. I'm probably going to try and use feedly.com to keep track, because I share an email with the rest of the family, and I don't think they'll take kindly to notifications about all the blogs I follow. : P

    But yep, even if I have to manually type in your address to the search bar, I'm definitely sticking around. :)


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