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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Real Challenge

This is an official challenge 
to anyone who has got the guts to take it.

For far too long we Christians, bloggers being the case model in this instance, have hid who we really are way deep down, way way deep down, to try to keep it safe. 

We put on the face of who we want to be, or merely remove the parts of who we don't want to be, and walk around (blog around?) trying to fool everyone else, but mostly ourselves, that we aren't as bad as we deep down know us to be.  

And the sad part is, it works.

We fool ourselves into believing we are better than who we really are. We're not quite as horrible as we really are, a little more good, a little less bad, but deep down, if we really stop to think, to let that feeling seep back out, we know we don't cut it. 

And not only 'we don't cut it', but 'we don't cut it....


It's high time we stop fooling ourselves. Everybody is just as bad as you, they're afraid to admit it.

Just like you. 

So this is a challenge. 

An official, double-dog-dare challenge. 

If you have the guts, put up a post about who you really are. You're fears, your shortcomings, your flops, your foibles. 

Yeah, a blog post - where we can read it. 

And no excuses, or trying to soften the edges down -  trying to reserve a little dignity left to stand your pride, and mask, back up with. We will have none of that. 

It's time to come out - be real - and it's gonna start now.

Why you say? Because it forces you to face who you really are. Putting the real you on paper (screen?) where everybody can see them, has an amazing humbling affect. It also makes you accountable. 

Yes, I know it's scary. Real scary. ( REALLY SCARY ) Not only because you don't want the whole world to see how bad you are, but mostly because you don't want to see how bad you are. 

And that's why being wide open helps. It should force you to take all those faults to the only person who can ever help you - Christ. Take them to Him, and confess all those times you fall short. He has promised He will forgive you. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Obviously, keep your confessions clean - publicly appropriate. No details that are inappropriate or foul. We want this to be edifying, not a wallow in the mire of lewdness. 

    He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.
Proverbs 28:13

It's an official challenge, to anyone who has the guts to take it. 

Man up. Woman up. Take the leap - expose yourself. 

Because only those who are sick can ever be healed.

Who's in?


  1. Meeeeee!!! I'm in!! As soon as I can find time to sit down and write it all out....I definitely need to do this....thanks SO much for this!!

  2. I guess I'm in; I'll probably have a blog post up if I can ever stop writing something and then deleting it. I'm going to try my best to be honest without softening the edges. There's something I'm going to purposefully keep from the post though, because I've never even told my own family about it and I'm not going to start by posting it public on a blog. I don't know if that means I'm not doing the challenge right by leaving that one thing out or not, but I simply cannot do it. Not yet, anyway.

    Thank you for this; it's helped me put things into perspective.

    1. You are welcome - but I am about to get pushy.
      If you are hiding something from your family (I assume that means your parents as well), you need to confess that post haste - no matter how big, bad and nasty it might be, and no matter how much trouble you will get it. Believe me, I have been there. Hiding stuff from your parents will tank your spiritual life in no time flat.
      Look at it this way. If you are hiding it from your parents, you haven't really repented or dealt with it (depending on what it is) and you are trying to hide it from God.
      It's always worth it to fess up. EVERY. STINKING. TIME.
      I really hope you come clean, whatever it is, and I pray you discover more about yourself and God through this whole thing.

    2. I know. I plan on it. I'm trying to get it all straight in my head first. It's not something I can just say right off without thinking it through ahead of time.

  3. Challenge taken. Tough, but worth it. Thankyou for both A. having the gumption to do this yourself, and also B. challenging others to do it as well, David. It's only in admitting you're lost that you can be found.

    I concur with you on sharing everything with your parents. It's the hardest thing ever, to tear that confession out of yourself, but it's like lancing a boil. When the worst is over, it can only get better.


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