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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Favorite Movies

Ok, so I got tagged by Jamie over at http://throughtwoblueeyes.wordpress.com to do a post on my favorite movies. I haven't sen that many movies, so this might be a bit shorter list than some, but I certainly do have some favorites. These won't be in any particular order, but some are more preferred than others.

The Lord of The Rings

This is one of my all time favorites in the movie world. An epic tale of danger, courage, loyalty, devotion, duty, sacrifice, honor, and the list goes on. Not a perfect series, but a masterpiece nonetheless. Stunning visuals, sweeping scores, and breathtaking action scenes, all combined in three epic movies, with few rivals.  

The Hobbit

The long awaited prequel to the LOTR series had some epic boots to fill to live up to its predecessors, and so far they are doing an epic job of it. Jackson took some liberalites with the story in some ways that might have been nice left how they were, but as it is, with one movie out, and two more coming down the pipe (or should I say mountain?) this is looking like it is going to be as epic a trilogy as the first one. I love the humor of the dwarves, the character progression of Bilbo, and Howard Shore is back again, sweeping me off my feet again with another batch of stunning music.  

The Avengers

I have to admit, this movie grows on me. I liked it more than I expected, and I like it the more I watch it. The story of how a group of men (and one woman.. grrr...) who are vastly different, all with their own unique personalities, all have to come together, put aside their differences and bickering, and work together to save the world. When it comes to filming and storytelling masterpieces, this movie is high on the charts. A captivating story that never once touches the mediocre, it brings in many unique twists and turns that make sure the story never feels forced or guided, but is one awesome piece of storytelling from beginning to end. The more I watch it, the more I realize how good a job they did. They have nearly a 20 minute fight scene, that never once gets old or long in the tooth, due to its genius layout and plot. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I love this movie and am very looking forward to it's sequel next year. If there was one bad thing about it, I would have to say that the score is a little shallow, and I wish they had a thicker and richer score. It wasn't bad as it was, but I think with such an amazing movie, it could have been made that much better if had a simply amazing score.  


This movie caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it to have such an amazing message, and was pleasantly surprised all the way around. The story of how one stuck up jerk became humble and made the ultimate sacrifice - twice, is amazing. Once for those he loved, and once for those who hated him. I was severely impressed with this movie, not for action of blow-em-ups ( those are actually kinda few in this movie) but because of the powerful message it portrays. Thor instantly because one of my favorites after the first watch. Two thumbs up.  


I had never intended on seeing this movie, but after it getting popped in at a friends house, I was hooked. Bolt, the dog who thinks he is a super-hero who gets dumped into real life, is one amazing story. The message in this movie, though subtle, is rare. It poses the dilemma of ditching the lies you thought were true, and embracing who you really are  -  in this case, a dog, and not a super dog. Yet, at the same time, just because you are normal, doesn't mean you can't be a hero. Loved this movie, Rhino, the score, the humor, this movie makes me walk away with the feeling of down home gratitude for having a simple, mundane life, yet inspires me to be heroic in my own small ways. Love it, love it, love it.

I heard it once said by a Luther Buff, that the only thing wrong with this movie, is the man who played Luther is skinny. 
This movie will shake your world, and inspire you to shake your world for Christ, to challenge the status quot if it doesn't align with scripture, and not be afraid of what man can do to you. In all honesty, it actually seems like the theology in this movie is sound, and hasn't been tweaked, surprisingly. Love the message and the courage this movie portrays. I forget about how much I like this movie, until I watch it again.   

The Patriot

Although this movie is a hair gory is places, the message of sacrificing everything to make a nation free from tyranny is amazing. I really enjoyed this movie, and the struggle for freedom between the down-home Americans and the snotty-nosed British.  

Master and Commander

Hunting a French vessel in the wide open sea is no cup of tea, and this movie demonstrates amazing leadership skills and character progressions. Wonderfully uplifting score with an epic battle finale, this movie is a keeper.  

We Were Soldiers

If any war-movie buff hasn't seen this epic story, they are missing it big time. A story of one company against outstanding odds, wins through the perseverance and leadership of their commander. This movie is no shoot-em-up, but is packed with emotion and is heart-rending as men with lives, wives and children go down for those they loved, and for duty. This movie changed forever my perspective on Vietnam.  

The Incredibles

This movie never fails to make me smile. The story of how one super-family trying to fit in to regular life, and work together in a final climax to save the country from a fame hungry villain who killed off all the real supers so he could try to be one. Smash-bang action with lots of humor, and it certainly is a favorite.


Not the best movie as far as cinematography or acting goes, but it definitely sets the bar for the standard of fathers who want to lead their families in the ways of the Lord. Great message, awesome humor, this movie is the best Christian film I think I have seen.

Second Hand Lions

The worldview on this movie is a little screwy, but it is one big heap of down-home humor, as one city boy goes to live with his rich redneck uncles quick on the shotgun trigger, shooting at salesmen and shooting up catfish, this movie is one big laugh from beginning to end. I am a fan of Robert Duvall and Michael Caine after this movie, and seeing the two of them side by side in this movie is a sheer joy. Grins all the way through. 

And of course...

Star Wars

Though the worldview in these movies are off the beaten path in some areas, these movies were very enjoyable to watch. Blaster battles and saber duels and ships rocketing from one end of the galaxy to the other fill these movies, with wonderful acts of sacrifice, bravery, and subtle humor. The Character progression of Hans Solo was very enjoyable, his rash yet brave character growing less arrogant and more manly as the last three series progress. Obi Wan was an instant favorite in the first three, and what would Star Wars be without 3PO and R2? Certainly a favorite, with a monumental score and excellent action effects. Reservedly looking forward to the next three, with hopes that they don't wreck them.  

Well, that's about it. If you can't tell, I like movies with character progression, sacrifice and bravery, with hair-breadth escapes and witty humor with catchy one-liners. 

Hope you all enjoyed this! Thanks Jamie for the tag, and I hope this was what you were looking for!  


  1. Great list; this was perfect.

    I didn't know you were a fan of Star Wars! :D But then, who could watch those movie and not like at least one thing from them!

    I really need to see Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit but I still don't know if I want to watch them first or read the books first. I'm very torn.

    I LOVE THE AVENGERS. :D Okay, I'll keep that short. :)

    I forgot about Bolt for my honorable mentions list, that was such a fun movie!

    And Secondhand Lions was a good movie; I liked seeing Michael Caine in another role outside of Batman's butler Alfred (even though he rocked that role.)

    Thanks for doing the tag, I liked reading this. :)


    1. *Pales, puts hand to forehead*
      You haven't seen LOTR or Hobbit??????
      Woe is me, or, actually, you. You are so totally missing out on some of the best movies this planet has ever seen. Literally, they have the best soundtrack music - ever, and some of the best messages ever, with some of the best movie action scenes - ever. It's just one of those movie(s) that an movie buff simply must see - period.

    2. I'm with Jamie, I haven't seen either, either. ;)

  2. Awesome list! I only just saw Bolt last weekend, not sure what to expect, but I thought it was awesome! I'm also a big fan of Avengers, Thor, Master and Commander (one must always choose the lesser of two weevils) and Courageous, and it doesn't surprise me at all that you like Secondhand Lions. That is one of my Dad's favourite films. ;) :D

    1. Bolt *is* a great movie, and Second Hand Lions, well, is just that. :) Your dad sounds like a guy who would like those type of movies, knowing you all.


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