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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(Fill in the blank) Fine Art

Well folks, it official now. I am gonna start selling my artwork - at long last, and am paying someone to build a professional site for me ( Desert Rat - you know who I am referring to....)

BUT! I am come to the crossroads - what to call my company? My logo has been recently revamped (a random dissatisfied artistic moment) and redesigned, and now is a D with an arrow. Simple, clear, yet elegant. (at least.... I think it is.....)

I want my title to reflect my work, and I want the title to be clear, crisp, short and to the point. No run-on-sentence names that you have to look at twice to understand. Nice and succinct.

So, I am asking all of you for ideas - just chuck 'em out at me. It can have anything to do with me and my art, or if you think it fits me and my art, but remember my logo, so it would be awesome if I could get it to fit with that.  It will be (Your Idea Here) Fine Art.

So go ahead! Fire away with the ideas! I will announce on here when I have finally settled on an title.


  1. Underneath your Arrow that shoots through your "D" (which I presume stands for David :)) Simply put the word Art :) Would be "Dart Fine Art" ;) I didn't think a whole lot about this...just popped into my mind when I looked at your logo :)

    Can't wait to see the name you choose :) You do a great job with your art...I am sure you'll get lots of buyers :)

  2. Being a bit goofy here, but it's the first thing that came to me - I think it suits you, too. When I hear "arrow," I think "in the hands of a mighty man." Mighty Fine Art. And there you have it.

  3. I'm so happy you're doing this! You've definitely got the talent for it, and I'll be excited to see how it goes for you. :D

    As for names, going with the arrow theme here, my first thought was "True Shot Fine Art", and my second shot was "Bullseye Fine Art", but I have to say, I think I second Brytni's suggestion. :) It's very to the point (no pun intended XD).

  4. Hi David! We are so glad to see you moving towards selling your art! Jon thought of these few names...Arrow Art....And....Dare to Draw...he liked this one because he said you mostly draw about cowboys and they draw their guns!! :))) what popped in my mind was Distinctively David. Also wanted you to know that we love the Man Up Adventures! Great Idea. If you do one on this side, we'd love it! Mrs. G and Jon

  5. Have you asked Bud for suggestions? He's usually got some very good ideas...

  6. I like Bush Maid's suggestion of True Shot Fine Art, that or what came to mind to me is Straight Arrow Fine Art.

  7. Desert Rat wins!!! Love it ;) So David!


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