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Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Elk Hunting I Go....

Well foks, it's officially here. Today I leave on my very first inaugural Elk Hunt. I'm nervous, excited, and packing enough clothes for an arctic expedition. It's supposed to be 20 somethings low to 50 somethings high. Thank God I have a good sleeping bag....

I'm presently so saturated in camo that I doubt you would be able to find me in the woods even if you tried. Lets hope the Elk don't either.....
But anyway,  pray I get one, and pray that my hunting buddy gets one as well. We got a dual-tag for a really good area, so we have high hopes. I plan to just keep praying, and keep looking.




  1. Finally!!! Hope you have loads of fun----actually, that probably isn't necessary to say. Something more like "don't have too much fun and please still decide to come home at the end of the week" is more like it :) :) :)

    Praying you get one...no pressure :P


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