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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Life of a Hunter

Well I am now officially an Elk Hunter, along with my other titles of deer hunter, rabbit hunter, bird hunter, you get the idea. One week of the hills of Arizona will fill my outdoorsy-tank for a little while - I hope....

Anyway, just to relieve the anxiety, no, I didn't get one. Shot at one, followed it, busted the herd from cover, and lost them. Either she went down and I didn't find her, or she kept going.

Ah well, such is the life of a hunter. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If was a fantastic week, even though I didn't bring dinner home. We literally drove down over 100 miles of dirt roads over the week, and hiked just over 35 miles. We saw loads of deer, a good amount of elk ( most of the time before it was light enough to shoot....) and even saw three pronghorn the last day.

I got some amazing shots I thought you all would like. (Lisa, I found a few spots you would die in if you didn't have a camera with you....)

Ready for gorgeous?

Ok, I was totally not talking about me - cut me some slack. That's me on the scouting trip a week before season opened.

This is what I meant....
Evening before the opening morning

An oak-covered hillside and barb-wire fence we had to work along

Most of the time you were down in the trees and couldn't see above 150 yards, so when we popped out above the tree line, my camera came out pretty quick. : ) 

Aspen grove we ran across

Gotta love Aspens

Yes, I love Aspens

Muddy tires - tell-tale signs of elk hunting. 

And don't forget the muddy truck. Like, really muddy. Epicly muddy. I was in a good mood and hit the biggest mud hole in the area really fast. Made me in an even better mood. : )  

Ah, open scenery - Love open scenery

Yours truly, in my hunting rig

Oh, and more Aspens

Gee willy that is a lot of trees

You should recognize that chap by now.... 

Hunting luxury - Found that out in the forest, not to far from a road where we parked 

We eventually got smart and tried a new hunting format - Relax and wait....

Last day, tired, and loving the open miles of dirt roads and beautiful scenery

I think that is pretty close to the best shot of the week

And that is why I hunt

Had a great time.....

......But bummed we didn't get anything

Last shot of the week - sun going down in the forest

Getting meat is only half of the reason I hunt. I simply love spending a week in the wild enjoying the great outdoors. Driving home, I just stuck my head out the window, and enjoyed being cold and smelling fresh, fresh air, just one more time.

Elk or no, the trip was still a success. God gives, and sometimes God doesn't give.

But such is the life of a hunter.


  1. Oh, oh, oh you're KILLING me!!!! Totally going here someday.......very fun pictures. Can't wait to hear more about it all!!!

  2. I'm very sorry you didn't get anything. Great pictures, though! Coconino area? It's beautiful up there. I hope to live thataways someday...

  3. Bummer you didn't get anything! But hey, you got some epic photos, and got to see some awesome scenery. O.O I gotta come visit your corner of the world sometime.

  4. I noticed there's one chap that keeps getting in the way of the scenery.

  5. Howdy. That's some beautiful country you got there. I'm new to this idea of blogging, but I've been pleasantly surprised to find other young folks who care about the Word of God & holy living. I intend to spend some time going through your archives. From one country boy to another, Thanks and God bless.

    1. Hey Rebel! Thanks for swing by. I hope you enjoy my posts, and feel free to hop in on any post in the comments and throw in your bit! I would love it!


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