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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open Carry: A Good Choice or Foolhardy Decision?

     This topic is drawing nearer and nearer in my life. In fact, I did it for the first time last Tuesday. I strapped on my .22 (hey, a gun is a gun) and marched into Cabelas with my dad and little brother, shopping. I had to unload it at the car, because I was trying to find a case that fit it (and stores don't like you pulling out loaded guns). All in all, it was a rather easy first introduction to carrying. I have heard many debates on this issue, ranging from  heavy do's, to heavy don'ts. One side says "hey, its our right, strap it on and display that you believe in your right to bear arms. Its also a deterrent for anyone with shady idea's about holding a place up. When they see someone packing a hog-leg, it tends to discourage any not-so-bright notions."
     On the other hand, the other crowd says "No way, you don't want to open carry, concealed carry is fine, but if you open carry, you are the primary target in case someone does play the idiot and pull a gun. You can do more good to the public if you aren't dead before you can reach for your gun."
So there is both sides of the issue. One says yes, the other no. The very fact that I carried the other day should tell you where I fall.... :)
     Granted, there is merit to both sides. If you wear it, you deter people from being stupid.  Just in case they are stupid, you are the first person they shoot. Sooooo, I have a solution.  You carry one gun concealed, the other open. So it goes like this. You carry your gun on your hip, and one inside your belt. The thug pulls his pistol, and before you can dodge or pull, he shoots you.  Here's where the other gun comes in. He see's you drop and turns around, to continue his thievery. You, in you last dying throes, pull your small pistol, and shoot him in the back. Problem solved, you're a dead hero. :)
Any thoughts?      


  1. Written in typical David fashion....had me laughing ☺ You know my thoughts on that...not that that matters lol

  2. Dude, you are funny.

    ...just carry an AR with a rocket launcher...
    a deranger and get it over with...


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