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Monday, February 7, 2011

Photos of me

Well, I've been thinking. (Any of you who know me real well might start getting worried at that phrase.)
Anyway, except those who live near me, or are in regular contact, many of you have no connection with my immediate life. So, I've decided to post a few recent pictures of me and my doings, as a refresher for those who don't see me often. I won't do this regularly, but its kind of nice to see the fella whose blog you're reading isn't it? :)

I can hide if I have the mind to...
My only catch at Family camp back in September (but not a bad one you must admit).
A not-so-flattering shot taken of me by some friends after I helped them move hay.

Me covered (or partially) in mud after a Sunday when I had to stay home during irrigation to locate gopher holes leaking water into the neighbors yard. I am holding my broken dowel rod that I used to locate the holes.
Plinking at the range last February with my .22lr.
An incredible shot taken at the WMH festival last November.
A point along Pacific coast highway in Ca. back in September.
This is what happens to animals that cross my sights. :)
This is what happens to gophers that cross my traps. :)
A favorite shot of mine, taken last Thanksgiving. The only thing that's missing is my gun and a horse.


  1. Mom says the top picture looks like you're in a redneck burqa. You are so funny, David :)

    Your blog set-up is really neat!!! If I didn't know you, I would think you are a "real" cowboy. The picture of you and Matt is so funny...I didn't even recognize Matt at first. I thought he was one of your re-enacting friends!! He's not so bad in a cowboy hat :) LOL


  2. Howdy David, welcome to the world of blogs! Neat blog background; the wheat fields and clouds are very un-Arizona. You're right, it is nice to see some pictures that tell a little bit about your daily goings-on (I had never seen you in grease paint before). I really like the last picture; it would make a really artsy blog background. And the laughing picture is just too good!

  3. Great shots! Looks like some fun gopher-hole-hunting. :-D

  4. Yeah, the background reminds me of Rich Mullins. Oh, don't you like that?!! lol. ;)

  5. That ios a really good picture by the ocean!! It is so neat that you all got to see it.

    ♫ Anna ♫


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