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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Sick as a Dog", as the Phrase Goes

     The title says it all. I've been sick for at least two days now, three if you count the windup before the pitch, and I finally think I'm now on the upward slope. It started after two REALLY hard days of work, one was moving the Kirkpatricks, the next was continuing moving the Kirkpatricks, and bucking hay at the Dales sealed my fate. I was nigh on dead by the time bible study rolled around Wednesday night, and I had to opt out early in the middle of it because I felt so bad. I went home and was about ready to crawl under the porch, I felt so bad.
     Mom first thought the reason I felt so bad was due to just the amount of hard work I went through, but she has moved beyond that opinion to "you're sick".  Needless to say, I rather agree with her. :/, but, like I learned in Worldviews not to long back, "tribulation worketh patience".
Pray for a speedy recovery.  


  1. Hey! Why isn't there a 'drawings' page for your artwork?
    Mr. W in Oregon

  2. Yeah..Dad came home saying that "David didn't say more that 3 sentences on the way home,,,,he must have been really out!" ☺

  3. If you're not doin anything..go watch the Scottsdale show (link on my blog) it's really good right now...costume championships ☺ crazy
    it ends tomorrow

  4. I stopped by the Ronsick's house yesterday and I don't think I've ever heard so few words spoken by David before. Get well soon!


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