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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gone Farrier

Well, its official. Today I was introduced into the world of full-size farriers. Ok, so maybe I still am rather crummy, but hey, I had a rather good day of it for a first-timer, considering all I had done before was merely cleaning their feet out. We were going to have ridden today, but on bringing the horses up, we decided that doing their feet was first on the list of things to do before we rode. So, Mrs. Cabrera started the first horse, and before I really knew it ( I still don't really know how I got there) I had my working gloves on, hacking away at horse-nails.  Oh, I didn't do it all on my own, Mrs. Cabrera would step in from time to time, show me here, point out something there, demonstrate this, etc. But overall, I helped and did a decent part of the work on two out of the three horses needing to be done. It probably  took nigh on two hours total, maybe even more, and would have gone quicker if it hadn't been for grumpy horses, dull knives, and small helpers. :) We finally quit, sore and hungry, but victorious at last, and headed into the house for dinner after finally finishing the last hoof on that horse, it being almost completely dark.  Don't think the time was boring however. Oh no, the highlight being one of the horses tied to a tree, deciding to flop down and roll, snapping its lead-line. Being free, it then made a beeline down the hill towards the coral. We headed after it armed with lariats, and managed to chase him back up the hill where he rejoined his buddies and Noah manage to slip up to him and slip a line round him.

Knucklin' down

A helping hand
    So, including the end of the convention, and all of todays activities, I'm worn out and ready to crash. :) Don't get me wrong though, I had the time of my life like I haven't had in a long time. Tomorrow we are going to a cattle show for Josiah- a mandatory showing for 4-H, so I'm gonna hit the sack and get some sleep. :)


  1. It looks like y'all had alot of fun. I slightly envy you the farrier experience. I had a thought regarding your picture page. Can you set it up so new photos are at the top of the page? And don't forget to update your "about me" to 3 dogs, to include Dixie! Looking forward to more pics, maybe some with people? (hint, hint :)

  2. Can you do your own horses now? ☺

  3. Way to go Farmer Boy!!! :)


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