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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Colorado Pics

Well, we went to a zoo yesterday, and today started the first day of the homeschool convention. Heres a few pics from yesterday, and other good shots from the days previous.

The Cabrera's backyard as the sun is going down,  standing on their back porch
Snow as we passed through the Rockies

Scenery not to far from the Cabrera's 

Another area not to far from the Cabrera's

Scenery on the way to and from the Conference

A wild deer in the middle of a middle section at a zoo. He was so used to humans he had no pause as we and many walked not more than five feet from him

A cool shot of some leaves at the lunch break at the zoo
A section of area not to far into Colorado, around 10 hours from the Cabrera's

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