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Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Contest

Another one. Yup. Over at http://irishragamuffinslilsister.blogspot.com/.
This time, I just *might* have a shot at winning. The subject is mountains. My other pictures have never been *great*. Now, I might have an ace in the hole.

Beautiful Colorado. Stunning Colorado. Took this on our way home from a trip there last June. See that winding road on the left of the picture? That is the road coming down off the mountain  -  we drove down it not a half-hour later. We stopped way up the side of the mountain for a photo and bathroom break. Hike down a little path through the pines off the side of the rest area, and this was the view.
Here's hopin!


  1. How come I've never seen this picture?!?!? GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

    It looks like the Shire! Wow...heaven on earth. *sigh* why do I live here? Ah well...be content, Lisa...

  2. Hey! I've awarded you at my blog :D

  3. Wow! That's beautiful! The only time I was in Colorado we were driving through a corner on the way home because my grandmother had died...and it was dark. So I didn't get to see anything. (I still think it was snowing too, although no one agrees with me!)


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