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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Contest

There seems to be a lot of these competitions lately, but being an artist I can't help but participate! Sadie over a Sadie's photography blog is hosting another one. 
Here are my entries. Her subject is animals, and what better subject for pictures is there than my great fluffy dog Dixie? Here are my entries of my giant doll.
I can't just pick one, so I guess I'll enter them all! 

Everybody at once now...

A touch blurry, but that mischievous twinkle is in her eye as clear as ever 

The Dixie - in all her glory

This one I liked a lot

This one turned out different than I had intended when I was taking it, but it turned out so neat that I kept it


  1. The first one looks like you have shades on :D Toooo funny.

    Love the last one!

  2. What a pretty dog! These are great, David!

  3. Wow you have a beautiful dog! The background is nice too :)

  4. good photos! My family has a blue healer named Dixie :)

  5. GREAT pictures! Now you need to post pics of the sheep baby!

  6. Thanks 'yall.
    She's a darling dog - as any of you who actually know me know for a fact. She is a cross between lazy, goofy, protective, and hair-brained, all slapped into one big fluffy monster that roams my back pasture. That's where the pictures were taken. I had my camera with me, and big ole fluffy came running up, and the sun was setting.... it was a photo shoot in the making. The only problem was getting her to either hold still to take the picture, or do something else besides lay flat out. Such a funny dog.

  7. Hey, David, I just wanted to let you know that you made it in the finalists again. And your picture is in the lead so far! :D


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